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State of eCommerce: Mass Market, D2C, and Retail Trends

Get insights into three key sectors of eCommerce – Mass Market, D2C, and Retail. Download the report and see how each is performing as COVID-19 fades away.

The eCommerce industry is booming, and customers aren’t slowing down when it comes to online shopping.

With challenges of a post-pandemic future, including privacy regulations, ever-changing consumer expectations, and a growing number of competitors online, you’ll have to adapt quicker than others to win your market.

Get the latest report from our eCommerce specialists to see which brands are winning and how they’ve successfully captured demand – from mass-market brands and traditional retailers to D2C names. Plus, get insight into forecasts for the year ahead such as:

  • Mass Market – Consumable goods are in, durable goods are out
  • Retail – Omnichannel retailing, personalization, and AI are top of mind
  • D2C – Can digital natives and legacy brands keep up?

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