SimilarWeb helped us research and build a strategic growth plan for the Israeli market. I see it as an essential tool for entering a new market. Imri Galai Israeli Market Manager, Airbnb Read Full Success Story >
SimilarWeb's data has the reach, accuracy and insight that makes them a perfect partner for Crunchbase and the standard for the digital ecosystem. Jager McConnell CEO, Crunchbase

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My experience with SimilarWeb has far surpassed expectations. Not only are the competitive analytics and trends provided by the tool an essential component of what we offer to our clients, but our dedicated SimilarWeb Account Manager constantly takes a proactive approach in providing us with useful insights and ensuring that users of the platform across our 12 offices and multiple departments experience its full value. William Adeney Vice President Marketing Analysis APAC, OgilvyOne (WPP)
SimilarWeb allows us to see exactly where we are in terms of the market. We can analyze our performance against both the industry and specific competitors and instantly identify unknown competitors. This is extremely valuable since it puts our site performance into a wider context. Laurence Moor Head of product effectiveness, Guardian
I can’t think of a client for whom we’re not using SimilarWeb. It has enabled us to build marketing strategies from a competitive perspective, create reports at regular frequencies, and create new revenue streams. With its nice User Interface, it is easy for SimilarWeb to become a habit. Brian MacDonald Vice President, Channel Integration , Barefoot Proximity (Omnicom Group and BBDO)
SimilarWeb’s data has helped Reckitt Benckiser to identify relevant eCommerce sites that enable us to prioritize where to target and focus, by providing category and brand level performances. Jack Sunghan Lee Global Director, eCommerce (Digital Sales), Reckitt Benckiser
SimilarWeb is a valuable platform for our agency in terms of both strategic planning and tactical execution. The deep analysis and insights allow us to reveal the competitors of our clients, and understand their market share. The ability to benchmark our clients against the market and the competition is a great advantage. Aleksandr Kasatkin Senior Analytics Manager, OMD
With SimilarWeb, we can track our competitors like never before, allowing us to focus on what really matters for our digital business. It has a user-friendly interface, ongoing feature updates, and advanced reporting capabilities that make SimilarWeb a great tool and our lives easier! Jose Angel Morales Grela Director of Online Marketing, Hearst Magazines
SimilarWeb saves us time and provides us insights and directional value that are unparalleled.
We’ve used many other tools, but the platform's ease of use and quality of its data are just a few of its key advantages.
Alex Czurlyo VP, Operations, Rakuten
SimilarWeb plays an important role in the success of an agency like iProspect. It's a fundamental tool for market analysis, understanding new trends and identifying opportunities. After years of using other solutions, we chose SimilarWeb based on its accuracy and rich range of features. Today, it has become indispensable to our prospecting, planning and measurement stages. It's certainly one of the primary gears in our performance engine. Gustavo Macedo Content & Creative Director, iProspect (Dentsu Aegis Network)
SimilarWeb became the most powerful solution to scale each of our online marketing channels. It helps us to analyse and understand our competitors and build our complex long term marketing strategies. In only ten months of using SimilarWeb, we were able to reach incredible results, scale our traffic in four countries by over 400% and become one of the top three Furniture sites for two different markets.
Manuel Freissle Founder & CEO, Livingo.
SimilarWeb allows us to understand our markets and competitors better by providing us with insights on traffic sources, overall trends by platform and helping us understand where we have opportunities to improve, and grow our market share. Slav Lakov Sr. Director of Digital Acquisitions and Engageme, Snagajob
We’re able to source dozens of key accounts with the help of SimilarWeb. It plays a key role in our “Go to market” and discovery process, and provides us with the x-ray vision of a prospect in advance. With SimilarWeb, we have digital insights that we want to deliver before we even make contact with a prospect. Ariel Navon Director, Sales Operations & Marketing Programs, Payoneer
SimilarWeb quite simply helps us make more informed marketing decisions across the board. It's helped us ensure the content we create reaches the audience we're looking for, and dramatically decreases the time we spend on researching display buys. Bryan Gaertner Head of Growth, DocSend Read Full Success Story >
We use SimilarWeb on a regular basis to identify industry trends and complement our market research reports. The insights that can be extracted from SimilarWeb are an invaluable component to our Research And Analysis team's work. Arne Assman Managing Analyst, Statista
SimilarWeb offers us a level of accuracy in traffic numbers, that wasn't available to us before, for conducting competitive analyses. Its traffic and referral data helps us to assess our performance with our partner stores and enables us to be much more efficient in our lead management efforts. Philipp Schrader Head of Sales, Idealo
SimilarWeb data gives us a greater overview and focus on how to promote our partnerships. Just having a view of the market share, where the budgets are being spent, where the traffic is being generated from and an understanding of our potential in comparison to some of our competitors, allows us to have a better position with our partners. Yohai Barak Business Development Manager, Natural Intelligence
The reliability and granularity of SimilarWeb's data, together with the platform's user-friendly interface, have made it an indispensable competitive intelligence tool for our company. Konstantin Bayandin Digital Marketing Director, Read Full Success Story >
By building a website rank index that is based on SimilarWeb PRO data, we’ve managed to reach an accuracy level of 95%, whereas other tools provided accuracy of only up to 80%. This has been consistent for every month since we first started using SimilarWeb PRO back in December 2013. Carsten Hopf Head of SEO Germany, DeliveryHero Read Full Success Story >
SimilarWeb makes up part of our key analysis tool mix and helps us to present sector and competitor data for digital diligence and strategy reports. We can more effectively devise targeted strategies and forecast growth. Fleur Hicks Digital Diligence Managing Director , onefourzerogroup Read Full Success Story >
Mobile is not about downloads, it's about usage. SimilarWeb's App Engagement analysis allows us to benchmark ourselves against the market. The Play store traffic and ranking analysis allows us to spot interesting growth opportunities. I would highly recommend any serious app developer use the powerful tools SimilarWeb provides; they're simply amazing. Omer Perchik Founder & CEO, Read Full Success Story >
Outbrain has been using SimilarWeb for over a year and it’s been instrumental in our ability to analyze our competitive environment, benchmark our performance, keep track of industry trends, and generate new leads. Asaf Hochman Senior Director of Product Marketing, Outbrain
SimilarWeb data helps us to make more informed strategic decisions for our clients. It has proven to be extremely valuable in benchmarking and quickly understanding the competitive landscape of different industries. Eric Klaassen Partner, Bloom
Our team at are avid users of SimilarWeb. It helps us to better understand our market and competitive landscape, including marketing channels and category selection. And having these insights across multiple devices is an added advantage. Sagar Gupta Senior Regional Manager - Analytics,
SimilarWeb's mobile app analysis is like no other. Unlike most tools, this platform gives you very actionable data. Before it was a guessing game to know where your downloads were coming from. SimilarWeb is changing it all, giving you great insights to better understand your users and discover how they are finding you. Andreas Gross Growth & Analytics, Life360
The OLX teams have been using SimilarWeb for over a year; it has been one of our main tools in our ability to analyze our competitive environment, benchmark our performance, keep track of industry trends, and generate new leads. Dariia Kryva Business Analyst, OLX
Similarweb is the MUST have web analytics tool that every data-driven company should use. Thanks to SimilarWeb, Kelkoo was able to massively increase the number of prospects to contacts and generate new business with new publishers and merchants. Similarweb is an integral part of our new business strategy and the tool is used on a daily basis by all of our commercial teams in Europe. Pierpaolo Zollo Commercial Director, Kelkoo
We've found SimilarWeb to be the most accurate source of web and mobile traffic data for young startups. It's an invaluable tool that we use daily. Evan Schoenbach Early Stage Tech Investor, Mosaic Ventures Read Full Success Story >
SimilarWeb has been our ever-reliable partner in understanding industry trends and competitive landscape. The many actionable insights that SimilarWeb provides us has been of immense value in fine-tuning our strategy in the ever-changing world of Internet. Krishnan Ramaswami Head of Product, Analytics & Acquisition Marketing, RedBus
Using similar web while launching a product in the super-competitive financial industry gives you a tremendous advantage. The ability to see what your partners and competitors are doing, find the best media sites and the biggest traffic opportunities, puts at an advantage; it also helps us plan our marketing strategy and budget. Launching an online product with the help of SimilarWeb PRO really makes a difference. Sharon Argov CEO, FundBird UK
SimilarWeb’s data gives PlayBuzz an edge over the competing publishers because we can pull insights about trending topics across the web, which allows us to compete against bigger and more resourced companies in the publishing industry. Shaul Olmert CEO & Founder, PlayBuzz
SimilarWeb has empowered my digital marketing team to better understand possible opportunities. I recommend this tool to any marketing team who is seeking a way to grow or make its display media and paid search efforts more efficient. Steven Pope Search Engine Marketing Manager, APMEX Read Full Success Story >
SimilarWeb has become an essential tool for our ASO operations and competitors' research, allowing us to benchmark our app performance. We've managed to really fine-tune our business strategy thanks to SimilarWeb, and we'd definitely recommend it to each and every mobile app marketer out there. Kate Chuksina Head of Social Media Marketing & PR, ZennaApps
SimilarWeb provides invaluable competitive and market intelligence used by multiple teams across our company. The ability to compare metrics for any app or website in a single place, and to understand what works for our competitors make SimilarWeb indispensable. Igal Stolpner Head of Growth & Marketing, Read Full Success Story >
SimilarWeb helped us achieve an increase in rank in 10 different countries and increase our installs by 20%. We'll continue to use SimilarWeb PRO to improve our traffic sources.
Vince Mai Operations Manager, UCWeb Read Full Success Story >
SimilarWeb's data has provided PayU with in-depth insights in each of our 16 local markets. We use SimilarWeb for everything from competitive analysis and industry benchmarking to lead generation and client prospecting. Shelley Pursell Marketing Director, PayU
I am not sure people realize just how valuable this keyword data is! I was able to estimate market share for most of the segments we compete in. The data is very helpful for future marketing initiatives and content spending, as well as better understanding the revenue potential for untapped keywords. To sum it up, the data is invaluable. Altan Sarisin Managing Director IT & Strategy, Menschdanke Read Full Success Story >
SimilarWeb is an essential tool in our SEO strategy and provides us with invaluable information used for competitive analysis. It not only helps us to learn more about other major competitors in our industry, but also help us to improve our identified strengths and weaknesses.
Kostas Vavliakis Co-Founder & CTO, Read Full Success Story >
The successful performance of startup in a huge extent depends on information we get from SimilarWeb. With the API integration, we can give our customers from different countries the exact information on the audience of the news websites worldwide. This allows our customers to plan PR campaigns with the measurable forecasts & metrics. Alexander Storozhuk CEO, Read Full Success Story >
Similarweb PRO’s ability to compare your company’s website performance to those of your competitors provides a powerful tool for staying ahead in the digital content space. The software’s ability to drill down into the competition’s traffic sources and popular pages gives us valuable insights that generate a competitive advantage when planning our content strategy. Desmond Kurz Gaming and Digital Manager, MWEB Read Full Success Story >
SimilarWeb's comprehensive data and user-friendly interface lets us make educated and quick decisions about planning the right content for winning the battle to rank on the first SERP. Gianluca Mileo SEO & SEM Manager, Gruppo MutuiOnline Read Full Success Story >
With SimilarWeb, we can Competitive Landscape identify the real impact of successful strategies for various traffic channels across the media industry. It's like having direct access to the analytics of all of the players. Marcos Marrodán Corporate Communications Manager, BBVA
Understanding the competitive landscape of our industry is essential for Taptica to remain ahead of the game and maintain our position as global leaders in online advertising. With Similar Web we are able to analyze market intelligence, on both a macro and micro level, and address the changing needs of our industry accordingly. Daniel Peled Team Leader Media Management, Taptica
SimilarWeb helped us quickly spot our weaknesses and craft a growth strategy that attacked relatively simple, but missed opportunities that led to a 50% revenue growth in under six months.

Anthony Constantino General Manager, Sticker Mule