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Choosing an alternative dataset is already a daunting task. To add to that challenge, AIMA estimates that there will be 5,000 different alternative datasets available by 2024. These datasets vary in quality, usability, breadth, uniqueness, and countless other factors. Similarweb’s web traffic data is one of the world’s premier sources of alternative data. Here’s why:

Digital Shift

The World Is Shifting Online - Are You?

Over the past twenty years, the internet has dramatically changed our world and our economy. According to the Internet Association, the internet sector accounted for $2.1T, or 10% of the GDP in the US in 2018.

Back in 2000, the most valuable companies in the United States were General Electric, followed by Exxon, Pfizer, and Citigroup. Fast-forward to 2020, and those names have been replaced by Microsoft, Apple, Google, and Amazon. Traditional industries have been superseded by today’s internet giants. 

This change isn’t reflected only in the stock market. Traditional business models, such as retail brick and mortar, have significantly shifted their operations to online service in order to accommodate the demand. The internet has transformed the software sector as well, from one-off purchases to continuous releases, recurring subscriptions, and SaaS.

This evolution is far from complete. Every year, more businesses are moving online, relying on the cloud, and connecting with their clients (B2B and B2C) via the internet. The visibility granted by Similarweb into the online presence of these businesses is critical now, and will only become more important.

Complete Coverage of Public and Private Companies

Similarweb’s Traffic Data Offers Complete Coverage of Public and Private Companies

Most alternative datasets offer limited ticker coverage. Some datasets only track consumer-facing businesses, while others are focused on a specific industry. Similarweb’s traffic data offers visibility into every single industry that is using the internet to conduct business, public or private. 

From the obvious – tech companies – all the way to consumer staples, through telecoms and the financial industry, if a company is connected to the internet, Similarweb will have data on it. Whatever your focus, mandate, or coverage area, Similarweb can provide the data and visibility you need to perform a complete, thorough evaluation of any company.

Depth Of Data

Multiple Web Traffic Data Points on Every Company

Similarweb’s web & app traffic dataset includes many data points, in contrast to other datasets. Similarweb’s traffic data includes metrics such as the number of total website visits, both unique and deduplicated across devices on a daily, weekly and monthly granularity. Aside from understanding quantity of users, engagement metrics like bounce rate and visit duration indicate traffic quality, stickiness and retention. These data points reflect growth and deterioration: whether a company is gaining traction, or if it’s struggling to attract new users.  

Beyond web traffic data, Similarweb’s offering includes app data. Many companies today offer an app to consumers that complements their website. Similarweb’s app data includes both quantitative and qualitative data, from the number of downloads an app has and daily and monthly active users, to the number of new versus returning app users.

Offering search data as well as conversion data, Investors can answer questions like: Is the business growing organically, or is it buying users? What are the latest search trends on Google? What is the percentage of users converting to a sale on a specific website? 


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unique methodology

Similarweb’s Unique Methodology

This web and app traffic dataset is proprietary and unique to Similarweb. The data is derived from an unrivaled blend of digital signals sourced from external partners, public data sources, anonymous behavioral data, and first-party direct measurement. This unique, multidimensional approach to hundreds of diverse data sources and types is a core strength and differentiator for Similarweb’s offering.

We are committed to continuously supporting and refining this data. The direct measurement data serves as a learning set for machine learning algorithms to convert a sample of data into intelligent estimations across all sites and apps using advanced, predictive models. The large, comprehensive learning set ensures representative estimations of digital behavior. This learning set is then adjusted with census data such as country population to further refine estimations.

The heightened connectivity of our world opened up new opportunities for investment, but in order to make the most of them, investors need new evaluative tools. Similarweb’s traffic data is a new way to understand online changes on a near real-time basis, allowing investors to extract actionable insights on companies and shifting trends across devices, markets and industries.


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  • Data is sourced from: Website & Apps Owners – Data directly measured through first-party analytics (e.g. Google Analytics) of millions of websites and apps. Contributors Network – Anonymous traffic data collected from Similarweb products installed on millions of devices, worldwide Public Data – Publicly available data (e.g. Wikipedia, census data etc.) algorithmically captured and indexed from billions of websites and apps Partnerships – Rich data pre-analyzed by global partners like DPSs, ISPs, measurement companies and corporate intelligence firms

  • Our intelligence engine generates powerful, ready-to-use insights delivered through our actionable platform or API.

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