Easily Plan Ad Campaigns That Make Every Dollar Count

Analyze rival campaigns to execute your own winning advertising strategy

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Planning campaigns without understanding competitor activity is like shooting in the dark

Avoid costly mistakes in your ad planning by analyzing the success of similar campaigns

Use Similarweb to take a good campaign, and make it an award-winner. Build on the best elements of industry-leading campaigns and your competitors' advertising wins.
Avoid costly mistakes by analyzing the success of similar campaigns:

Ensure your campaigns drive higher conversions with Similarweb Ad Intelligence tools

Choose the best media partners

Reveal which publishers and ad networks your competitors successfully use to target your audience.

Discover rivals active ads

View creatives by campaign, publisher, and ad network as well as the active days for each execution.
Ad creatives

Dissect competitor campaigns

Analyze which industries and domains your competition is targeting, and get a complete view of their media strategy.

Outmanoeuver competitors ad strategy

Get the intel needed to outperform competitors. Reveal their recent ad creatives, campaigns, and display traffic and engagement stats.
Display overview

Follow the winning formula when launching top performing ad campaigns

Choose publishers and partners wisely

Build a winning media buying formula by uncovering your competitors' strategy, accessing their high-performing ad copies, publisher placements, and partner networks.
Publisher performance

Launch winning campaigns

Plan for success based on the most reliable data and deliver activations that exceed the benchmark of the best-performing campaigns in your market.
Display traffic & engagement

Optimize paid media across channels

Continuously improve campaign ROI by adjusting your tactics based on understanding competitive dynamics, consumer demand, and paid channel efficacy.
Shiran Herzberg

"I check website traffic trends, volumes, and geographic splits daily. Similarweb is easy to use and provides important data for when I'm researching new markets, optimizing campaigns, or renegotiating existing media partnerships.”

Shiran Herzberg

Head of Media Partnerships, eToro


  • Yes. You can use Similarweb to uncover your competitor's ad strategies, reveal the best-performing creatives and landing pages, and discover top publishers, ad networks, and ad placements in your market. Additionally, you can deep dive into your competitors' advertising activity and analyze the performance of their publishing partners and ads to see how successful or not their tactics are.

  • Yes, you can use Similarweb Digital Marketing Intelligence to find valuable partnership opportunities with ad networks and use these insights to drive your ad strategy to new heights. You can search for Ad Networks by Competitor to gain insights into the Ad Networks your competitors have partnered with, or by Industry to understand which networks are more or less prominent in driving traffic to a specific industry.

  • Similarweb Digital Marketing Intelligence platform enables you to view and analyze competitor product ads, display ads, video ads, and paid search ads.

  • We provide a Creatives Tool where you can access a catalog of your competitor's display ads across all of their campaigns, by publisher posting their ad, or by ad network driving them. Access ad format, activation length, brand messaging, and ad copy being used by competitors across their digital ad campaigns. These insights enable you to get an outline of any company's display tactics and strategy for this channel.

The Secret Ingredient to an Outstanding Campaign? Similarweb