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Google is the most competitive arena in the world. Get the upper hand with data-backed keyword and competitive insights using Similarweb’s Paid Keyword tool

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Gain insight into competitor strategies, spot lucrative paid keyword opportunities and spark content ideas in just a few clicks

Reveal Blindspots 
Competitive overview

Uncover paid keywords for any website

Choose your top competitors and find out which keywords a website is using for their PPC strategy. Seize missed opportunities, discover their high-traffic keywords and bid on those proven to drive engagement

Search Intent
Search Intent

Focus on keywords that convert

Catch your audience at the right stage of the buyer journey using Similarweb’s best-in-market ‘search intent’ filter. Unearth high-intent, low-competition keywords to craft ads that convert so you achieve more with your budget

Last 7 Day View
7-day Data View

Outpace your competition

Similarweb has the freshest data on the market. In the competitive PPC world, having a host of trending keywords at your fingertips is the advantage you need. Use real time data to pivot, refine and optimize your strategies before the competition gets the chance.

Low CPC High Volume
High Volume, Low Cost

Grab low-hanging keyword opportunities

CPC costs are on the rise. That’s why we show the CPC of every keyword so you make the most strategic ad spend decisions. Utilize CPC data to identify fruitful high-volume, low-cost keywords and only bid on those that drive conversions while boosting ROI.

Brand Defense
Master your brand

Beat the competition on the branded battlefield

Using Similarweb’s Paid Keywords tool, you can zone in on the branded keywords your competitors are targeting. Use these insights to see if they are stealing your traffic and bid on specific branded terms that will strategically position you in the SERPs.

The metrics key to driving campaigns that actually convert

View Competitors rank data

Accurate search volume (MSV)

No over-inflated search volumes thanks to Similarweb’s reliable independent data

Billions of keywords

6bn keywords

and counting. Over 300 million fresh keywords are added every month

Data downloads

Competitor overlap

Identify keywords both you and your competitors are targeting to see where you’re winning or losing traffic

Product click data

Branded keywords

Identify and defend against competitors who are targeting your branded keywords

Track SERP visibility

Keyword difficulty

Easily spot opportunities, qualify results and find new content ideas in one view.

Track Search volumes and click data

Traffic data

Over 1bn websites tracked: see keyword traffic and share among your competitors

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"With Similarweb’s category level data we benchmark our wins and weaknesses vs. our competitors, and make adjustments to our marketing strategy accordingly, particularly on Paid Search.”

Zahid Chaudhri

Zahid Chaudhri

Digital Marketing Lead


What is Similarweb's Paid Keyword Tool?

Similarweb’s Paid Keyword Tool is an important feature within the Digital Marketing Intelligence platform. It helps you find competitor keywords PPC strategies use the most, all derived from real-user data.

How accurate is Similarweb’s Paid Keyword Tool data?

Keyword data from Similarweb’s ppc keyword analyzer is well known for its accuracy. It provides unique metrics for each keyword, and additional data surrounding traffic generation and competitive insights offer marketers a holistic view of their paid keyword strategies.

How can I find the keywords competitors are using?

With Similarweb’s Paid Keyword analyzer, you simply enter a competitor's website in the 'Paid Search' section. This will produce a list of the top keywords they are bidding on.

How can I identify who else is bidding on my keywords?

Using Similarweb's Paid Keyword Tool, you can not only identify your paid keywords but also see who else is bidding on them. After entering your website in the 'Paid Search' section, click on a specific keyword. This will show a list of your competitors who are also targeting these keywords, and you can then devise strategies to outperform them.

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