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360 trillion links ✅ 200m domains ✅ Data updated every single day ✅ Uncover the backlink profile of any website in just a few clicks.

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Experience better backlink analytics

Understand the quantity and quality of links any domain attracts with clearly visualised reports vital for any SEO or digital PR

Check any website’s backlinks
Full backlink profiles

Check any website’s backlinks

Similarweb’s backlink analysis tool provides SEOs and digital PRs a window into any website’s backlink profile, complete with all the metrics that matter. See specific dates of new/lost links, the anchor text, and the domain and page trust score.

Monitor your backlink profile with ease
Backlink tracking

Monitor your backlink profile with ease

Analyze and track the growth and decline of your backlink profile. Keep your site healthy by identifying spammy links, and find opportunities where links have been lost. Filter by target URLs for more targeted analysis.

Conduct competitor backlink analysis
Competitor insight

Conduct competitor backlink analysis

Uncover your competitors’ backlink numbers and performance over time. Assess the countries and top level domains driving the most links and compare with your own site to measure backlink strength more comprehensively.

Build smarter link building strategies
Link building and outreach

Build smarter link building strategies

Contextualize your performance against sites in your niche. Use inspiration and from competitor research to create more linkable content. Find the quality and relevant sites linking to your competitors you can target in your outreach.

The ingredients that make our Backlink Analytics feature so good…

View Competitors rank data

Backlink database

360 trillion links, 200m domains tracked

Billions of keywords

New/lost domains

The specific date of when a link is added or removed


Link quality

Domain trust score and page authority score

Track Search volumes and click data


By target URL for a more targeted view

Location data

Link type

Share of do follow vs no follow links for every domain

Seo and Content Marketers

Fresh data

New data released to the platform every day

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Does Similarweb have tools to check backlinks?

Yes, Similarweb’s Backlink Analytics tool allows SEOs and marketers to check the backlink profile of any website in the world. Split into three reports, the tool shows you the numbers of backlinks, referring domains, and performance over time.

What data does Similarweb’s backlink checker tool use?

Similarweb’s Backlink Analysis tool is supported by a very large dataset, which updates and provides fresh data every day. It currently tracks 360 trillion backlinks and 200m referring domains - these numbers are growing.

How do I check my backlinks?

You can check the backlink profile of your website using Similarweb’s Backlink Analytics tool. The tool will tell you the quantity and quality of your links, along with the anchor text, trust score and other important metrics. With the tool you can also check the backlink profile of competitor websites too.

What is the best backlink checker?

We might be biased, but Similarweb’s Backlink Checker is supported by superior data and included as standard in our core Similarweb packages. SEOs love the accuracy and freshness of the data, as well as the graphs, visualizations and trends the tool shows.

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Monitor links, spot trends, and find link building opportunities with Similarweb’s Backlink Analyzer

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