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Experience the fastest, most flexible website audit tool on the market, designed to identify and prioritize optimizations to increase your rankings and traffic

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Crawl and discover your website’s technical SEO status and issues

Powered by our secure server, run scheduled or ad-hoc crawls for any part of your site. See trends, changes and actionable insights.

Track your websites health in Similarweb site audit tool
300+ performance factors crawled

Run technical SEO audits with ease

Run on our own secure server, our crawler runs smoothly and efficiently without slowing down your PC or site. With 300+ performance metrics reviewed, you’ll get the full picture of how your site is performing, with easy-to-understand scores.

Pages funnel in Similarweb site audit tool
Indexability to UX

Prioritize the tech SEO fixes that matter

Our traffic funnel report pinpoints your ‘visibility’ issues - from indexability and rankability, through to experience, and everything in between. Review your performance against industry benchmarks to see where your biggest improvements are needed.

Rankability overview in Similarweb site audit tool
Focused SEO crawls

Drive organic traffic and ROI

Fix critical errors and find optimizations for your money-driving pages to boost their ranking and traffic, or improve their speed, page performance and user experience. Small optimizations can result in big ROI gains.

Backlink distribution analysis in Similarweb site audit tool
Advanced site crawling

SEO site audit for large, complex sites

Our powerful, fast and comprehensive site audit tool is designed for large, complex websites - crawl by your whole site or segment by folder or page level. SEO audit reports for backlink analytics from Majestic and log file analysis from are also included.

Task tracking in Similarweb site audit tool
Automatic SEO analyzer

Schedule crawls and organize workflows

Run ad-hoc or scheduled crawls at the best time for you and your site. Every recommended optimization is backed up with instructions to fix, the impact and priority, so you can easily create tasks, workflows and action-plans.

The ingredients that make our Site Audit feature so good…

View Competitors rank data

300+ Site performance factors

Hundreds of SEO and website performance factors crawled

Billions of keywords

Server-side crawls

Secure crawls run on our server, so no issues for your PC or site



Every factor is labelled high, medium or low priority and impact

Track Search volumes and click data


Ad-hoc or scheduled crawls, specify: crawl time and pages per crawl

Location data

Data explorer

To slice, dice, and gain specific insights

Seo and Content Marketers


Full data and analysis from Majestic, included

Icon - Mail - Positive

Log Files

Free account with included

Track Weighted average position

Share reports

Get share links to any report for your team or client

Saved crawls

All crawls and reports are saved for performance over time tracking

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Does Similarweb have tools to analyze technical SEO performance?

Yes, Similarweb’s Site Audit is a technical SEO website audit tool. It can crawl any website and show you an overview of that site’s performance, benchmarked against its industry, as well as reports of optimizations and errors to work on.

Does Similarweb Site Audit tool require a download?

No, unlike other technical SEO tools, Similarweb’s Site Audit tool runs on our own secure server. That means it won’t slow your PC down. We also give you flexibility on the crawl size and speed, to limit impact on your website.

Can I view my competitors’ technical SEO performance with Similarweb?

Yes, you can do a technical SEO audit of any website with Similarweb Site Audit. You simply need to enter its URL and we will crawl it. We do more in-depth crawls for properties you own or work on - where you can integrate Google Search Console.

What is the best SEO Site Audit tool?

We might be biased, but Similarweb’s Site Audit is an enterprise-level tool, available to all our account-managed customers, regardless of size. Site Audit reports on 300+ performance factors and prioritizes them in terms of impact. Our traffic funnel visualisation tool is the best on the market - showing exactly where you have visibility issues, from the point of indexation by Google onto the user experience on your website.

Don’t let website issues hold back your SEO

Get comprehensive, top-quality technical SEO site audits with Similarweb to find opportunities to drive more traffic, conversions and ROI.

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