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Product ads can increase the chance of a purchase by up to 85%. Discover the key to driving more clicks and conversions by reviewing your competitors’ best performing ads

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Reveal your competitor’s entire product ad library

Take inspiration from the visuals, keywords, ad copy and landing pages that are driving traffic to your competitors’ websites

Track your performance daily and over time
Find product ad trends

Track your performance daily and over time

Stay tuned to what’s currently ‘clicking’ with your target audience with a direct view into your competitors’ best performing product ads within the last 28 days. See what products and pages they’re promoting in real time to catch every new trend

Delve into your competitors’ ad campaigns
Deeper competitor analysis

Delve into your competitors’ ad campaigns

Search for any keyword to review the top product ad variations and unlock the secrets to your competitors’ best ad strategies.Then, leverage their keyword targeting to optimize your own campaigns

Find and dissect high-converting landing pages
The key to conversions

Find and dissect high-converting landing pages

Identify the final URL from product ads that are driving traffic to your competitors. From there, take a deeper look at their landing pages to extract the best conversion and customer journey strategies

The ingredients that make our Product Ads feature so good…

Advanced Data extraction

Product ads data comes from Public Data Extraction – an advanced algorithmic engine that captures and indexes public data

Last 28 days

Updated every 24-48 hours, so you’re provided with the freshest data available


See where your competitor’s ads are positioned on Google results

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What are product ads?

Product ads are targeted advertisements that showcase specific products, often including images, prices, and descriptions. They are designed to attract potential customers and encourage them to make a purchase.

What is Similarweb’s Product Ads feature?

The Product Ad Analysis Tool is a powerful resource that helps marketers find winning product google ads in their industry, providing insights into their competitors’ most successful strategies.

Why should I review my competitors’ product ads?

Reviewing competitors' product ads helps marketers stay competitive and innovative. By understanding what works for others in their industry, they can adapt and refine their own advertising strategies for better performance and improved engagement levels.

How can Similarweb’s Product Ads feature help drive more clicks and conversions?

This tool provides comprehensive insights into the visual elements, keywords, and effective copy used in high-performing ads, enabling marketers to enhance their own campaigns for greater impact and conversion rates.

How up-to-date are the product ads shown by Similarweb’s ad analysis tool?

The data is updated every 24-48 hours and includes information on ads from the last 28 days, ensuring marketers have access to the most current trends and strategies in product advertising.

Everything you need to know about your competitors’ best product ads

Reveal the recipe for creating product ads that grab (and hold) your audience’s attention, for higher engagement and more conversions than ever before

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