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With over 3 billion monthly searches, YouTube is ripe with opportunity for SEOs and marketers. Win more views with Similarweb’s YouTube keyword generator

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Online search data that goes beyond Google

Access billions of YouTube keywords real users are searching for, to better target and attract more views for your videos

YouTube Keyword Generator
Real user search data

YouTube keywords to boost your viewer numbers

Are your videos not getting the numbers you need? Use the YouTube keyword extractor tool to find the right keywords for the titles and descriptions of your videos. We use search volume from real searches, not from Google estimates like most tools.

YouTube Keyword Volume, Trends and Traffic
Billions of search terms

Creative block? Get new content ideas

Our YouTube keyword research tool gives you lists of phrase-match and related keywords from just one seed word, complete with search volume. Filter to include and exclude terms - strategize the smart way and dominate your market.

YouTube Keyword Research
YouTube keyword trends

Outpace the competition with trending keywords

Every keyword comes with trend analysis - see if your ideas are growing or declining in popularity. Figure out how seasonality impacts search volume and plan forwards. And with 300m fresh keywords added each month - you’ll always be ahead of the curve.

The ingredients that make our YouTube keyword generator so good…

View Competitors rank data

Accurate search volume (MSV)

MSV is often over-inflated but Similarweb provides independent data you can rely on

Billions of keywords

Billions of keywords

…and counting. Over 300 million fresh keywords are added every month

Data downloads

Click data

See how many clicks each keyword receives so you can target keywords that drive views

Product click data

Related keywords

Phrase-match and related keywords dive into hero terms and long-tail for any niche

Location data

Location data

Generate keywords based from 130+ countries - so you can so better localize and strategize

Track Search volumes and click data


Specify terms to include or exclude to better filter your keyword target list

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What is a YouTube keyword research tool?

A YouTube keyword research tool generates keywords specifically for the video sharing platform, YouTube.

What is Similarweb YouTube Keyword Generator?

Similarweb’s YouTube Keyword Generator is a core feature of the Digital Marketing Intelligence platform. It shows keywords based on real-user data, so SEOs and marketers can create YouTube marketing plans with fresh, accurate and relevant search terms.

How accurate is Similarweb’s YouTube keyword data?

Similarweb’s YouTube keyword generator data is known for its accuracy. Its monthly search volume (MSV) is unique to each keyword and not clustered (like many tools). Most tools estimate YouTube search volumes from Google searches - Similarweb’s data is based on real user searches specifically for YouTube.

How do you generate keywords for YouTube?

Using Similarweb Digital Marketing Intelligence, you can head to the ‘Keyword Generator’, enter a seed term, or upload a list, pick the ‘YouTube’ search engine, and a list of phrase-match and relevant keywords will be produced.

Find keywords that drive traffic

In just a few clicks, have access to the freshest keywords for any niche

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