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Brand health analysis
Check your brand's pulse across digital platforms
Monitor brand health and equity by tracking share of voice across digital touchpoints monthly or quarterly for rapid response to shifts in the market.
  • Brand Site - Analyze your site's performance in traffic and engagement
  • Search Engines - Gauge audience awareness of your brand and monitor ownership of category and topics
  • Marketing Channels - Identify top-performing channels and enhance others
  • Retailer Performance - Understand brand share of voice and consumer awareness among retail partners
Audience profiling and purchasing behavior
Define audiences in new and dynamic ways
Leverage behavioral data to identify target cohorts, understand their interests and purchasing habits, and optimize content and activation models to drive.
  • Category Interests - Discover nuance in the categories where your audience spends time to optimize consumer journey and campaign strategy
  • Site interests - Identify key partners to inform affiliate, publisher, retail, and brand collaborations
  • Demographics - Dive deeper into detailed audience profiles, from political leanings to purchasing tendencies like luxury vs. affordable, risk-seeking vs. risk-averse, and other social preferences
  • Search Behaviors - Enhance content and product messaging based on search patterns
Online consumer journey
View the consumer journey from start to finish
Map the digital consumer journey for optimized product, content, marketing, and distribution strategies.
  • Awareness - Know where consumers gather information, engage with content, and interact with digital touchpoints before deciding on what and where to buy
  • Consideration- Monitor the cross-browsing behavior across brands, categories, and retailers to understand size of audience and areas for incremental growth
  • Evaluation - Explore how consumers search and interact per channel to optimize site and PDP presence
  • Purchase & Post-purchase - Identify where consumers ultimately go to convert and understand how to combat sales leakage Uncover buying behaviors and what drives repeat purchases
Ecommerce Analytics
Empower ecommerce with real-user insights
Maximize your market share by analyzing performance across categories and retailers in comparison to your own channels.
  • Brand Performance - Monitor brand performance with in-depth traffic and conversion analysis on retailers and product categories at a product level
  • Promotion Planning - Understand category and brand seasonality by engagement and purchase behavior by retail partner to plan promotions and performance for upcoming year
  • Retail Media Optimization - Improve ROI on your media spend by understanding the most impactful parts of the site per retailer for your category
  • On-Site Search Insights - Inform product development and optimization by understanding consumer searches within specific brands and product categories on retailers
Mobile Intelligence
Dive into the mobile and app universe
Explore your audience’s 360° mobile and in-app activity through demographic, behavioral, and survey data.
  • App and Domain Usage - Track evolving consumer app and domain usage to identify market trends
  • In-app Behavior - Monitor users’ actions and behaviors within apps for campaign, product, and strategy guidance
  • Ad Measurement - Measure the impact of advertising campaigns within key social apps
  • Audience + Surveys - Utilize audience and survey capabilities to understand key customers' needs, complementing their mobile and in-app engagement
Crafting end-to-end strategies just for you
Our digital consultancy services extend beyond mere data analysis. By learning your market and consumers, we help refine your strategic execution for optimal results.

Strategy Planning

  • Deep audience analysis
  • Size market opportunities
  • M&A due diligence
  • Business advisory services
Excecution Optimization

Execution Optimization

  • Distribution strategy
  • Content optimization
  • 360 customer journey
  • Consulting solutions
Performance Tracking

Performance Tracking

  • Brand health tracking
  • Advertising effectiveness
  • Ecommerce and DTC analytics
  • Cross-brand purchase behavior
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Nicolette Harper

“Similarweb enables us to uncover our competitors’ online strategy, benchmark ourselves, and grow our digital market share. From unparalleled on-site search to accurate conversion metrics, Similarweb’s new insights into consumer intent take us way beyond our current bandwidth and scope.”

Nicolette Harper

Worldwide Director of Digital Retail Marketing, Microsoft

Nicoleta Lordache

"Using the NextGen Research Solution I discovered new capabilities that have revolutionized the way I analyze markets based on the topics people are searching for across the web. This is a tool my team and I can’t do without."

Nicoleta Lordache

Head of Digital Intelligence & Analytics, Cheil

Stephanie Cloud

"Similarweb has helped me close new partnerships and increase revenue for years. Recent innovations to the NextGen Digital Marketing Solution have empowered me with a more comprehensive understanding of the affiliate landscape to identify the most profitable partnership opportunities."

Stephanie Cloud

Director of Online Sales & Partner Marketing, MGM Resorts

Laurence Moor

"Similarweb’s data has helped Reckitt Benckiser to identify relevant ecommerce sites that enable us to prioritize where to target and focus, by providing category and brand level performances."

Laurence Moor

Global Director, Ecommerce (Digital Sales)

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