Shopper Intelligence

Discover What Consumers Buy Online and Analyze Shopper Behavior

Optimize performance by uncovering browsing and buying behaviors across online marketplaces.

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Shopper Data and Insights

eCommerce intelligence trusted by the world's leading brands

See Shopper Intelligence in action

See Shopper Intelligence in action

Monitor Consumer Demand

Track category, brand, and product performance to stay on top of what consumers are buying.

Analyze Shopper Behavior

Monitor cross-shopping, purchase frequency, and loyalty to identify threats and growth opportunities.

Optimize Retail Search Strategies

Improve marketplace SEO and paid campaigns to make sure your brand is there when consumers are ready to buy.

Similarweb is the official measure of the digital world. eCommerce is no exception.

  • Consumer Behavior Insights

    Marketplaces are black boxes for consumer behavior.

    Shopper Intelligence offers insights based on real consumer browsing and buying behaviors, so you can optimize your digital marketing strategy accordingly.

  • Unmatched Accuracy & Unique Methodology

    eCommerce data sets are based on scraping that is susceptible to gaps.

    Shopper Intelligence uses four different types of data sources and a robust retail algorithm that provides highly accurate estimations across desktop and mobile and eliminates data gaps.

  • 360° View of the Digital Landscape

    Do you have a clear understanding of your omnichannel performance?

    Similarweb provides a holistic view of your digital landscape, from marketplaces to your own D2C website.

“We use Similarweb Shopper Intelligence to make a lot of big budget decisions, and it's become a staple in the way we communicate our eCommerce performance internally. We’re now able to see how our investment is impacting our market share on a monthly basis”.

Daniel Zampini

Senior eCommerce Manager



Track consumer demand, analyze shopper behavior, and refine search strategies to win in the eCommerce world.


Get game-changing insights on leading marketplaces, benchmark your performance against the competition, and quantify potential threats.

Agencies & Consultancies

Help clients grow their brands across marketplaces by identifying performance issues, optimizing search strategies, and increasing ROI on their spend.

Media & Publishers

Fine-tune content and SEO strategies based on consumer product demand, and maximize revenue from eCommerce affiliate programs.




Grow your sales, fine-tune your search strategy, and improve your conversion funnel across leading online marketplaces.

BI & Analytics

BI & Analytics

Monitor your category performance and brand market share across online retailers and devices.

Strategy & Consumer Insights

Strategy & Consumer Insights

Understand how shoppers navigate online marketplaces by leveraging browsing and buying behavior insights.

Category Management

Category Management

Drive better results for your brand, by optimizing your marketing strategy for each category and marketplace.

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