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Your marketing budget is under pressure, yet you’re still expected to deliver growth

Bid more efficiently and make your paid search investment deliver

Similarweb reveals your competitors' PPC ad messaging, keyword targets, and spending habits so you can optimize your own strategy
Bid more efficiently and make your paid search investment deliver

Get paid search tools that unravel your rivals’ PPC campaigns

Paid search overview

Reveal rivals’ SEM performance

Build a winning paid search formula by understanding the keywords and ads that drive competitors' paid search traffic.
Paid search traffic & engagement

Uncover competitors’ ad spend

Discover estimated ad spend across multiple currencies, and learn when competitors rely on paid search in their tactical marketing mix.
Paid landing pages

Analyze competitors’ landing pages

Build attractive landing pages that drive high-performing campaigns by learning from those that already deliver.
Search ads

Spy on competitor’s ads

Improve search ad performance by revealing your competitors’ top ads, targeted keywords, and cost.
Paid keywords

Target high-performing keywords

Support your strategic decision-making with traffic, engagement, and PPC spend insights that reveal how competitors perform across seasonal campaigns.

Looking to convince others you chose the best paid search tactics? Let the data do the talking

Run campaigns that drive growth and convert

Build the best landing pages for campaigns by understanding competitors’ URL spend, plus the keywords and ads they use to drive clicks to their most successful landing pages.
Paid landing pages

Put your PPC budget to work at the right time

Support your strategic decision-making with traffic, engagement and PPC spend insights that reveals how competitors perform across seasonal campaigns.
Paid search traffic and engagement

Find the ad recipe that drives success

Create messaging, content and ad formats that resonate with your audience – and drive clicks. Browse millions of search and product ads globally.
Product ads
Steve Pope

"I recommend this tool to any marketing team who is seeking a way to grow or make its paid search efforts more efficient."

Steven Pope

Search Engine Marketing Manager, Apmex

Paid Search Tools Overview


  • Yes. Similarweb Digital Marketing Intelligence offers in-depth metrics and insights needed to get a full view of the traffic driven to your site by paid search and to benchmark against your competitors. Get the data you need to understand the budgets, keywords, and ads driving competitors’ paid search campaigns, to build and optimize your own strategy effectively.

  • Yes. We provide different tools that help you get into the details and deeply analyze your competitor’s performance. The PPC Spend tool estimates a website’s spending on PPC search terms over the analyzed period and across multiple major currencies. This metric enables you to analyze keywords attached to Google Search and Shopping ads.

  • You can use Similarweb to understand the budgets, keywords, and ads driving competitors’ paid search campaigns, and plan your own strategies in more detail. Get a holistic view of any website's paid search activity through insights, like Total Paid Search Traffic, Paid Search Traffic Over Time, PPC Spend, Engagement metrics, Paid Keywords, top-performing search ads, top-performing PPC landing pages, and more.

  • Similarweb Digital Marketing Intelligence enables you to grow your traffic share per keyword and maximize advertising investments. Our Paid Search tools and metrics provide vital insights for PPC Managers, Marketing Managers, Paid Acquisition Managers, Performance Marketers, Growth Marketers, Agencies, Advertisers, Media Buyers, Digital & Display Managers.

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