Similarweb vs. Semrush

5 quick reasons to pick Similarweb:

  • Enhanced customizable capabilities​
  • The freshest search data on the market
  • A comprehensive SEO toolkit
  • Similarweb is trusted by 4K+ customers
  • Absolutely no hidden fees
similarweb vs semrush

Enhanced customizable capabilities

With the huge amount of data available at your fingertips, as well as an array of metrics, views and filters, you can get insights tailored to you and your business goals.
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Advanced keyword analysis:
Find traffic-driving, new and trending keywords to fuel your SEO, PPC and content strategy with relevant and engaging topics


Funnel visibility:
Granular data to show a holistic view of the SERP, traffic, engagement and conversion for all marketing channels


User-friendly UX and Ul:
Easy to use for the whole team and integrate into existing workflows


Multiple data sources for ultra accuracy:
Combining first, third and partnership data, we ensure trend and data accuracy daily, backed by real user data

A recent SparkToro study finds Similarweb to be the most accurate and closely aligned to Google Analytics data - by at least 30%

The freshest and most granular keyword data on the market

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Get quality insights about your users, from your users
Similarweb’s digital insights are powered by real user searches and real user behaviors – that means accurate search data, search volume, and search intent. Semrush, on the other hand, bases its traffic estimations largely on rank, when rank is not equal to traffic.
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Spot trends when they’re actually trending
Similarweb is the only tool to offer a ‘Last 28 days’ view so you are able to track trends in real-time – as they happen. That means no waiting around for monthly updates like Semrush users, when the trend has already gained competition for SEOs (and got expensive for PPC).
similarweb vs semrush
Get the full picture and actionable insights
Providing website performance data, including traffic sources, for over a billion websites and over 8 million apps, Similarweb doesn’t limit your competitive analysis. Semrush only has data from 808 million websites (and no apps), and sees major gaps, including tier 1 mobile keyword data.

Robust SEO features to boost your online visibility

With our all-new comprehensive toolkit, it’s no real wonder we’re an SEO favorite. In addition to providing competitive SEO tools – for keyword research through to site audits – Similarweb has been selected to participate in G2’s SEO tools cohort.
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Site audit

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Competitive Analysis

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Backlink Analysis

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Rank Tracker

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Keyword Research


Similarweb is trusted by 4K+ customers

similarweb vs semrush comparison

Our top-rated metrics


Ease of use


Best web traffic reporting


Quality of support

Similarweb is rated the best on G2

Out of 3,395 eligible products for G2’s 2024 Best Software Awards, Similarweb made it into 150+ different ranking reports, including #33 in the top 100 best software products. Semrush didn’t even make the list.
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Get more, pay less with Similarweb

With Similarweb, what you see is what you get. For the same competitive intelligence services that Similarweb offers for $125 a month, your monthly fees with Semrush can quickly rack up to over $500. On top of that, we provide top-tier customer service and features beyond just SEO tools.

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