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  • Unrivalled global data coverage for both desktop and mobile
  • Track and boost performance across every marketing channel
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Unlike Semrush, our platform is powered by a wide range of real world data. Unlock actionable insights to create the most successful campaigns and maximize ROI with Similarweb's marketing optimization toolkit.
Beat your competitors to the punch at every opportunity.
Outsmart your rivals. Adapt to changing economic pressures and decide when to pivot, attack or defend with your campaigns. Track significant trends in competitive traffic and engagement across channels. Optimize for growth across all digital channels and deliver ROI on your marketing resources
Put SEO at the heart of your growth strategy with the most reliable keyword insight, tools and metrics.
Win the search marketing game. Get the freshest, most accurate keyword insights with unique metrics. Capitalize on keyword trends in real-time. Access untapped keyword opportunities
Find, qualify and monitor the best referral sources and build lucrative affiliate partnerships.
Grow your partnerships. Find and target the best-performing referral sources in your niche. Monitor and optimize affiliate performance to ensure maximum partner-revenue potential. Build the strongest affiliate partnership portfolio relevant to your audience
Build a better paid search strategy, ads that drive clicks, and target cost-effective keywords.
Get bigger returns your PPC budget. Ensure you spend your budget effectively on keywords that drive clicksTear down your competitors PPC campaigns by keyword, ads, spend, and landing page. Decide whether to pivot, adapt, defend or attack with your PPC resources
Build successful ad campaigns and distribute them through the right partners to drive growth.
Drive ROI advertising. Find the best publishers and ad networks. Uncover the best-fit media partners by audience. Reveal competitors best performing video, display, search and product ads.
Similarweb wins every time
Keep your finger on the pulse of the digital world.Similarweb data offers fresher, more accurate insights so that you can make informed decisions to fuel growth.

Better data means better decisions

We are much more accurate in our data capabilities.
Don't leave your business decisions up to chance. Get access to high-quality, reliable data that you can trust, and gain the certainty you need to make informed choices. Replace guesswork and approximations with precision and accuracy.

Fresh and real-time insights more than justa catchphrase

Our data and insights are always relevant.
By December 2022, ‘King Charles’ was no longer referring to just a dog. Unlike Semrush, our keyword results are updated in real-time. Don't be left in the dark when you need fresh data the most

To get the full story, you need a comprehensive view

We provide a 5x more comprehensive range of keywords.
Don't let yourself be blindsided by only having a small piece of the puzzle. Partial keyword data can create blind spots in your digital strategy, so make sure you have every single datapoint to win.

Pay less, get more

For the same competitive intelligence services that Similarweb offers for$167 per month, you would need to spend over $500 per month with Semrush.

Your monthly saving adds up to $338!

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