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Your competitors are eager to ride on the coattails of your success. Take control of your brand's narrative by monitoring the keywords and messaging at the heart of your business

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Your eyes and ears in a competitive PPC world

Safeguard your brand’s most valuable terms. We’ll let you know where and when to react so you can reclaim the top position in the SERPs

Guard the terms important to your business
Daily alerts

Guard the terms important to your business

Branded keywords form the backbone of your brand’s digital presence. We’ll instantly alert you when a bid is made on your key terms, so you can pivot quickly and ensure every branded search leads directly to your website.

Know your every contender
Competitor watch

Know your every contender

It’s hard to keep track of who you’re competing against in a diverse PPC arena. Be safe in the knowledge that no new competitor, copycat or counterfeit site will slip through our net, so your brand is protected from every angle.

Keep a keen eye on partners and affiliates
Brand surveillance

Keep a keen eye on partners and affiliates

Stay in the driver's seat of your brand’s core messaging and value proposition by monitoring your partners’ and affiliates’ activity around your brand. Review every ad and landing page that targets your branded terms to ensure you’re being represented in the right way.

The ingredients that make our Brand Protection feature so good…

View Competitors rank data

Location & device

Track from country to zip code, across different devices

Billions of keywords

Branded keywords

Monitor the keywords central to your website to gain the competitive edge

Data downloads

Position data

See where rival ads are positioned in Google

Product click data

Ad activity

See how long the ad has been active and the URL for the ad itself

Track SERP visibility

Keyword data

See how many and which keywords your competitors’ ads are targeting

Track Search volumes and click data

Email alerts

Switch on email alerts for the quickest, most efficient way to monitor

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How does Brand Protection work?

Similarweb’s Brand Protection Tool helps you monitor and safeguard your brand's online reputation. You can track your most important keywords, allowing you to combat threats from other domains bidding and maintain brand integrity.

How does the tool protect my branded keywords?

You get real-time alerts whenever someone bids on your branded keywords so you can adjust your strategies quickly to ensure that you retain traffic and preserve your brand's online authority.

How can brand protection tools help with competitor monitoring?

Digital brand protection tools provide insights into competitors' activities, such as keyword targeting and messaging strategies. This information allows you to stay competitive by adapting your own strategies and maintaining a unique brand identity.

Keep your brand protected

Everything you need to protect your brand’s core keywords, combat any threat from competing domains and retain the traffic that’s rightfully yours

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