Keyword Analytics

The Superior Keyword Analysis Tool

Say hello to advanced keyword insights backed by the world’s most powerful SEO dataset. Analyze any keyword for a deep dive into its traffic winners, search volume fluctuation and real user click trends.

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Unrivaled insight at keyword-level

Dive deep into the search behavior, clicks and traffic-winners behind any keyword in the world to sharpen your SEO strategy

Experience more powerful keyword analysis data
Keyword Intelligence

Experience more powerful keyword analysis data

Analyze any keyword, or keyword group to see search volume, clicks and zero-clicks, split by mobile, desktop or both together. Search volume and click data is backed up by Similarweb’s powerful Search 3.0 data, making it the freshest and most accurate on the planet.

Uncover the search landscape of any keyword
Share of traffic

Uncover the search landscape of any keyword

Visualize traffic share over time for a keyword or keyword group. See which websites are attracting the lion’s share of the traffic and how this fluctuates over time. View up to 100 websites to analyze the full landscape with granular daily data available.

Build smarter content plans with keyword analytics
Content targeting

Build smarter content plans with keyword analytics

See the URLs winning traffic for your chosen keyword(s), for content inspiration and opportunities for optimization. Analyze SERP features that provide more exposure, and check zero-click rate so you’ll be sure to focus on the most impactful terms.

Zero in on the best keywords in your niche
Keyword comparison

Zero in on the best keywords in your niche

Compare two keywords with each other, or two keyword groups. Understand the difference in both search volume and clicks, and see which websites dominate for each. Analyze changes in keyword performance over time and by country so your strategy is tailored and bespoke to the right opportunities in your niche.

Analyze PPC keyword costs and ROAS
Paid keyword analysis

Analyze PPC keyword costs and ROAS

With up-to-date CPC data, paid search professionals can gain superior insights when comparing keywords and keyword groups. With keyword difficulty, and zero click metrics, choose the keywords with the best ROI potential.

The ingredients that make our Keyword Gap feature so good…

View Competitors rank data

Accurate search volume

Advanced collection combines real user data with traditional SERP data to

Billions of keywords

SERP features

See the SERP features present, and who currently ranks for them



See traffic and search volume for combined devices or separate

Track Search volumes and click data

Click data

Backed by our Search 3.0 dataset: the most powerful click data

Location data


190 countries covered

Seo and Content Marketers

Fresh data

Review historic and fresh data: including our brand new last 28 days filter

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What is a keyword analytics tool?

A Keyword Analytics tool allows you to extract deep keyword insights that will boost your PPC, SEO and content strategies.

What is Similarweb’s Keyword Analytics tool?

Similarweb's Keyword Analytics tool provides you with insights into keyword data, traffic analysis, and market share. You can review individual keywords, compare keywords, or analyze keyword groups.

How can a keyword analytics tool improve my keyword research?

Keyword analytics help you understand where you and your competitors are excelling and where there are opportunities to grow your traffic share. You can spot gains, losses and emerging trends to adapt your strategies accordingly.

How accurate is Similarweb’s keyword data?

Similarweb uses the freshest, most accurate data on the market. Its monthly search volume (MSV) is unique to each keyword and not clustered.

Everything you need to truly take keyword research up a notch

Unlock the in-depth keyword insight you need to dominate the Search landscape, capitalize on trends, and increase your traffic share

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