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Keyword research tool

Keeping your keyword strategy competitive requires accurate search data and real-time insights - Similarweb unlocks both

Tap into the keywords driving traffic and engagement, on and off-page

Discover everything you need for a granular view into keywords, across competitors, geography, device, seasonality, and more.
Tap into the keywords driving traffic and engagement

Access essential keyword tools and metrics you won't find anywhere else

Keyword generator

Explore keyword ideas

Create a unified strategy across Google, Amazon, and Youtube. Our Keyword Generator includes over 5 billion keywords from the biggest search engines.
Keywords metrics

Get insights from unique metrics

Make better, data-backed decisions, with insights into critical metrics like Keyword Difficulty, Search Intent, and Zero Clicks.
Mobile traffic 2.0

Get a deep view of mobile web

Understand mobile search behavior, with our new generation tool that delivers fresh data and insights.
Keyword comparison

Easily find new keywords

Quickly benchmark keywords against each other and get a side-by-side comparison of the most important performance metrics, in a single click.
Keyword Gap

Uncover new keyword opportunities

Analyze which keywords are sending traffic to you versus your competitors to spot new opportunities.

Elevate your SEO, paid search and content marketing by targeting the keywords that convert

Be the first to rank for keyword trends

Only Similarweb updates keyword data daily, so you can spot trending keywords first – and adapt your content strategy before your rivals.
Trends over time

Confidently target the right keywords

Choose the better keywords for your PPC campaigns using powerful tools like Keyword Gap, Paid Keywords, and more.
Keyword gap

Drive more traffic and boost conversion

Focus your writing on content that matches user intent and funnel stage to drive higher customer acquisition.
Keywords generator
Steve Wiiderman

"From a value standpoint, Similarweb is the clear winner in terms of the breadth of data you get, the actionability of that data, and value for money."

Steve Wiiderman

Wiideman Consulting Group

Conduct Competitive Keyword Research Using SImilarweb


  • Yes. Similarweb Digital Marketing Intelligence is the industry-leading platform that offers in-depth tools for uncovering your competitors’ digital marketing activity. This includes your competitors’ organic and paid keywords, traffic and engagement data and a host of features to help you research, compare, analyze and qualify keywords for SEO and paid search campaigns.

  • Similarweb’s platform offers comprehensive keyword research tools that enable any business to optimize its keyword strategy. Similarweb Digital Marketing Intelligence helps you understand users' search behavior and get a detailed view of essential keyword metrics like volume, clicks, search intent, keyword difficulty, and much more. Our solution provides fresh, granular keyword data at a daily, weekly, or monthly level – so you can discover the hottest trends and build your long tail keywords strategy.

  • Similarweb Digital Marketing Intelligence offers a Keyword Gap tool that helps you analyze which keywords are sending traffic to you versus your competitors. It’s an excellent way to spot opportunities, keyword wins, and losses. Our Keyword Gap tool is the most sophisticated in the industry. You can use its insights to understand which keywords to prioritize to maximize traffic share, then implement these understandings into your SEO and paid search strategies.

  • Similarweb is a one-stop-shop for discovering high-value keywords and creating a strong content plan that’s dynamic and responsive to market changes. Our keyword research tools provide insights into the top and trending keywords in your industry, and our data is the freshest the market has to offer. Use tools like the Keyword Generator, Seasonal Keywords, and Keywords by Industry to discover new ideas for content and take advantage of keyword opportunities that are relevant to the latest trends.

  • Similarweb’s data analysis solution is unmatched in terms of both accuracy and freshness, enabling us to deliver a granular view of keywords and display the changing trends – as they happen. You can rely on near real-time keyword data to power the metrics you use every day and make decisions on your SEO strategy with confidence. Our unique dataset enables us to deliver unique insights and metrics like zero click, tools like the Keyword Gap, and traffic data with a level of accuracy you won’t find anywhere else.

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