How We Measure the Digital World

We’re on a quest to map every corner of the digital world. For over 10 years, we’ve pioneered a unique, multi-dimensional approach to measure online traffic and discover what it means. Here's how:


Digital Signals Collected Daily


Data Analyzed Daily


Data Scientists


Traffic Reports Generated Daily

Data Collection

Great Data, And Lots of it

It’s all about the blend. Our unique mix of digital signals obtained from a variety of unique sources allows us to measure and map the digital world in a timely and comprehensive way.

Website & Apps Owners

Data directly measured through first party analytics (e.g. Google Analytics) of millions of websites and apps.

Contributors Network

Anonymous traffic data collected from Similarweb products installed on millions of devices, worldwide

Public Data

Publicly available data (e.g. Wikipedia, census data etc.) algorithmically captured and indexed from billions of websites and apps


Rich data pre-analyzed by global partners like DPSs, ISPs, measurement companies and corporate intelligence firms

Data Synthesis

Making the Web Similar

Our unique data science converts noisy online data into a clear signal, normalizing all digital sources into a single view. That’s why we can fairly compare sites to sites and apps to apps.

Cleaning and formatting of data inputs
Synthesizing billions of data inputs for advanced, predictive modeling
Classification of data inputs for categorizing and synthesis
Data Modeling

With Great Power Comes Great Visibility

We extrapolate the tens of billions of digital signals gathered each day into an ultra high-resolution picture of everything happening online. Fueled by AI algorithms perfected by a team of over 200 top data scientists and 50 PhDs. Curious what that kind of power feels like?

City Corner
Traffic Intelligence

Deep Market Insight... At Your Fingertips

Follow the traffic and get the most objective, unbiased view of the digital world. From tactical, day-to-day execution to long-term digital strategy, all your decisions can now be driven by the most important data there is - reality. 

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