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Affiliate agreements take effort to set up, and often don’t perform

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Use Similarweb Digital Marketing Intelligence to reveal an affiliate’s reach, traffic, and audience engagement – and target the best partner opportunities
Choose the best-performing affiliates every time

Similarweb affiliate research tools enable you to find, profile, and maintain quality partners

Find potential affiliate partners

Reveal the best-performing referral sources by keyword, industry or your competitors ad understand who offers the best partnership opportunities.
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Research affiliate performance

Build a portfolio that drives revenue, by analyzing potential affiliates before you approach them.
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Track and analyze affiliates

Monitor the partners you've identified or already work with and get a bird's-eye view of their traffic and engagement performance.
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Monitor referral traffic

Qualify new referrals and optimize your existing partnerships by monitoring incoming and outgoing traffic trends of your rivals.
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Discover similar affiliate sites

Find more referral sites similar to ones you are working with, based on their traffic, content, keywords, and audience profiles.
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Increase affiliate sales through better portfolio management

Quickly find promising referral partners

Find high-performing affiliates by specific keyword, industry, or from your competitors.
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Choose industry winners before you commit

Build relationships with the best performers that fit your brand profile and validate with metrics like traffic share, paid vs organic, engagement score and more.
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Monitor and optimize your portfolio

Ensure partners continue to provide business value by reviewing their incoming and outgoing traffic, and monitor which competitors are receiving traffic from them.
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Yohai Barak

"Similarweb data gives us a greater overview and focus on how to promote our partnerships. Just having a view of the market share, where the budgets are being spent, where the traffic is being generated from, allows us to have a better position with our partners."

Yohai Barak

VP Business Development, Natural Intelligence


  • Yes. Similarweb offers a variety of tools to conduct your search for new affiliate partners that are associated with your target keywords, an industry of interest, or your direct competitors. Choose the best-performing affiliates by analyzing their performance and finding the perfect combination of affiliate audience reach, volume, and traffic sources.

  • Yes. Similarweb Digital Marketing Intelligence offers a Monitor Partners page that provides a centralized location to track your partner lists. Easily view and monitor all of the affiliate partners you have identified and added to Partner Lists and drill down to see more in-depth data like traffic and engagement metrics across core marketing channels, incoming and outgoing traffic, associated networks, and more – for each partner.

  • With Similarweb, you can qualify affiliate partners and prioritize your outreach based on which affiliates are most likely to deliver a return on your investment. We provide tools that help you analyze the website performance of affiliates and answer all the important questions, like how healthy is an affiliate's website? Are they driving significant and quality traffic? Make better, more confident decisions with affiliate data you can trust.

  • Yes. Evaluating incoming and outgoing traffic can tell you how "healthy" a referral site is, and what potential it has to help you grow your business. Similarweb provides a number of tools to evaluate affiliate potential. From top keywords to find out more about their content specialization and industry penetration, to Affiliate Engagement Score, which measures how the incoming audience interacts with their site, so you can easily ascertain whether the affiliate is the right fit for your portfolio. This will help you understand if it aligns with your business interests or if it is shifting in another direction, so you can move on to a more lucrative partner opportunity.

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