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Find fresh keyword opportunities to boost your SEO strategies, optimize your content and spark new ideas

Find competitor keywords ripe for targeting
Find keyword gaps

Find competitor keywords ripe for targeting

Pinpoint the unique keywords driving competitors’ traffic but you are yet to target, offering new growth opportunities you can act on. No need to review lists of keywords - we analyze and highlight opportunities for up to four competitors at a time.

Identify easy-wins
Full keyword gap analysis

Identify easy-wins

See the low-hanging fruit keywords that you should prioritize in your content plans. The Keyword Gap Analysis tool shows you traffic share, SERP features, keyword difficulty and intent scores for every keyword listed, so you can build smarter content strategies.

Work with the freshest keyword data
Trending keywords

Work with the freshest keyword data

Things move quickly in the SEO and content world. Our keyword gap tool is the only one to show you data from the last 28 days, so you can see new keywords, trends and gaps as they happen. You can also zero in by country and device type for more bespoke data.

Visualize your keyword overlap
Monitor crossover

Visualize your keyword overlap

See the core keywords that you and your competitors are both targeting, as well as your wins and losses clearly illustrated in a Venn diagram. Pinpoint the exact degree of overlap so you can better prioritize your resources, close any gaps and maintain your dominance.

The ingredients that make our Keyword Gap feature so good…

View Competitors rank data

View any website

Compare your site to any website and up to four sites at a time

Billions of keywords

Traffic share data

Traffic share of you vs the competitive set and organic vs paid distribution

Data downloads

Accurate Search volume

Monthly search volume, based on real user data

Product click data

Location and device

Pick from 190 countries and sort by mobile or desktop

Track SERP visibility

SEO metrics

Keyword difficulty, search intent, CPC, rank and SERP features for each keyword

Track Search volumes and click data


The exact URL of the page winning most traffic for each keyword

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What is a keyword gap analyzer?

A keyword gap analyzer is a tool designed to identify and analyze the gaps in keyword strategies between your website and your competitors. It helps you discover valuable keywords your competitors are targeting that you are missing out on.

What is Similarweb's Keyword Gap Analysis tool?

Similarweb's Keyword Gap Analysis tool helps you visualize competitive keyword landscape. Identify keyword gaps, see the traffic distribution between competing websites, and generate fresh ideas for your content strategy. Backed with real user and fresh search data, we make it easy to spot trends and gaps in near real-time.

How do you use Similarweb’s Keyword Gap Tool?

Enter in your website and your competitors' websites. The tool then analyzes the keywords both you and your competitors are targeting, highlighting areas of strength and opportunity displayed in a colorful Venn diagram.

How do I find my competitors' keywords that I am missing out on?

Similarweb's Keyword Gap Analyzer helps you uncover the keywords driving your competitors’ success that you are not yet targeting - highlighting new areas for growth.

Can I try Similarweb's Keyword Gap Analyzer for free?

Yes, you can experience Similarweb's Keyword Gap Analyzer at no cost with our free trial option. Explore its capabilities and discover how it can benefit your keyword strategy.

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