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What are my target company’s biggest threats and how does their performance compare to the rest of the industry?

What does the customer engagement on the target company’s website and app look like?

How can I improve my target company’s brand health and traffic?

What is the relative brand awareness of competitors vs. target company?

Which industries have unique opportunities I should monitor? What are those opportunities?

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Financial Services

Gain direct visibility into the online performance of all digital financial and payments players. See the number of people accessing their bank as well as payments traffic and user app downloads.


Monitor performance from traffic to conversions, from customer intent to product mix. Web traffic allows you to benchmark players, track market share gains and also monitor audience behavior.

Furthermore, evaluate successful customer and channel acquisition strategies.


As the software industry moves to the cloud, Similarweb’s digital web traffic data provides insights on everything you need to know about companies in the space. From tracking how individual customers and accounts are performing, to retention, upsells and geographic reach. Our data can even go as far as telling you who those customers are.

Public & Government

As governments and charities move more of their services online, Similarweb is able to track key indicators ranging from macroeconomic ones, such as traffic to employment sites or even government loads.

Education & Healthcare

As Education and Healthcare undergo a digital transformation, Similarweb is able to monitor this process, whether it be from Universities shifting their courses to online, or healthcare providers offering digital diagnostics and telehealth.

Consumer Goods

Gain visibility into the online performance and market share of any Consumer Goods company. Benchmark the analyzed company against its competitors and the industry average to contextualize their online strategy and success. Quantify product demand through search intent data and page level analysis.

Travel & Leisure

Monitor bookings and conversions across 58 countries worldwide. Track the performance and strategies of OTAs, Hotels, Airlines and many other travel providers in the space.

Media & Communications

With Similarweb data, Investors can see the reach and engagement of all digital publishers. In the telecommunications sector, you can track the number of new customers to service providers through account activity and app downloads.


Tracking 80M websites and 4M apps on the internet, Similarweb monitors the traffic and engagement growth and development of the world’s fastest growing and biggest internet companies across all digital sectors.

6 out of the top 10 Private Equity firms rely on our data