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Reflect on customer loyalty

The internet allows consumers to shop around and visit as many online stores as they like. Using Audience data, identify valuable websites that a target audience visits in addition to the analyzed website. Identify new competitors and quantify the risk of customer churn.

customer loyalty
Evaluate the potential of monetization

Evaluate the potential of monetization

The internet is global but the demographic and geographical mix of a website can have long-term implications on its top and bottom line. Understanding where users come from can demonstrate the potential value of user monetization.

Gain a better understanding of visitors

Learn more about the target audience of any company or industry by seeing where they spend time on the web. Our audience intelligence features enable you to see websites being browsed in the same session as the analyzed site and thus, build a better user profile for specific websites.

Screenshot from Similarweb - Audience interests of espn.com

Audience Behavior Feature Set

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