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Similarweb’s data helps publishing and media brands become influential, digital first organizations

Teams primarily use Similarweb to:

Analyze audience behavior

Develop and Surface New Content
Stand out during breaking news moments and improve user habituation

Maximize Ad Revenue

Maximize Ad Revenue

Differentiate your brand and defend ad investment without using cookies or mobile device IDs

Drive Subscription Growth

Drive Subscription Growth
Understand your audience and improve user acquisition rates

Develop and Surface New Content

  • Break through the pack to resonate with audiences during breaking news/flash moments
  • Create the right content to habituate returning readers and drive engagement

Analyze Publishers, Grow your audience

Grow your audience - Channels Overview
  • Understand which channels send traffic to top publishers, drilling down to search, social media and partnerships.
  • Identify the key performance metrics of any publisher to determine which metrics can be improved to grow your audience reach.

Maximize Ad Revenue

  • Pivot to respond to the loss of cookies and mobile device IDs in programmatic advertising
  • Benchmark and position against competitors to win a larger percentage of ad budgets
  • Drive the conversation from CPMs to audience affinity

Optimize your Editorial Content Strategy

Optimize your content editorial strategy
  • Identify successful content, down to the specific article page, for every website. 
  • Be the first to publish and learn what people are interested in reading based on the keywords sending traffic to publishers.

Drive Subscription Growth

  • Shift paid media strategy, including attribution, in a cookieless future
  • Segment and measure audiences without behavioral cues in a post-cookie world
  • Grow and retain account holders and paid subscribers as well as grow 1st party data

Prove your Advertising Value

Prove your advertising value

Speak with authority when you compare your reach, engagement metrics and audience demographics to your competitors.

Key questions you can answer using Similarweb:

Know Your Audience

Where is my target audience spending their time on my site vs my competitors?

Content Discovery

Where are the gaps and opportunities in my keyword strategy for organic search?

Advertising Sales

How can I win more RFPs and defend existing investment commitments?

Customer Acquisition

How can I replicate the performance of behavioral targeting without cookies?

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