Win Clients With Analytics for Agencies

Grow your business and deepen your existing client relationships with the most trusted agency analytics.

Create data-driven pitches

Develop the perfect pitch based on real prospect data. Highlight how you can improve their digital marketing strategy with real-time insights on their market share and competitive landscape.

Find similar sites and the competitive landscape

Win new business and drive pipeline

Find similar sites and the competitive landscape

Understand your prospect’s market share, competitive landscape and untapped opportunities for data-driven client pitches. 

Invest client budget in the right channels - Display overview

Maximize ROI for your clients

Optimize your client’s marketing spend by investing in the right channels, at the right time. Access unrivaled industry data, seasonal trends, search, referral traffic, and more agency analytics.   

Drive digital ROI

Invest client budget in the right channels - Display overview

Invest client budget in the right channels, at the right time, with the highest ROI including search, referrals, display traffic and spotlight seasonal trends and historical data to showcase data-driven insights. 

Generate insightful reports effortlessly

Build customized client dashboards with the click of a button. Leverage reports to showcase growth and pinpoint key opportunities and threats over different timeframes – daily, monthly, or yearly. 

Create insightful reports effortlessly

Create insightful reports effortlessly

Create insightful reports effortlessly

Quickly generate graphs, tables and data visualizations for your clients, at a click of a button. Manage multiple reports for your clients and save time running daily and weekly campaign analysis. 

Insights you need

Agencies use Similarweb data to keep track of changes within their client’s industry,
monitor their competitor’s digital performance and effectively plan digital media campaigns to drive ROI. 



Tap into data from millions of websites to understand audience interests and demographics, and consumer behavior.


Client and Competitor Insights

Monitor digital performance across channels and benchmark against any client’s competitive landscape.

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Gain visibility into market trends across 210+ industries and 190+ countries. Identify leading players and track growth across the digital landscape. 

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Client Reporting

Create tailored dashboards with your choice of metrics to track your client’s performance, benchmark KPIs, and find opportunities and threats at a glance.

The world's leading agencies and brands work with Similarweb

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Similarweb has become an essential tool in our everyday working life, extremely valuable at different stages of the strategic process, from competition analysis to investment performance evaluation. The possibility to benchmark our clients’ analytics with the category is immensely useful both for very tactical planning decisions and for complex long-term strategic assessments.

Francesca Ellena Casadei

Head of Strategy, Havas Media Group Italy
Similarweb has empowered us to win new business opportunities, as well as better serve our existing customers.
By presenting prospective customers with SimilarWeb data, we have won more pitches and penetrated more new markets and geographies than ever before

Rebecca Wilkes

Director of Client Services, Summit
Similarweb's data gives us a competitive edge. Understanding market trends is key for our clients and forms the basis of assessing campaign impact and benchmarking performance against their competitors. Similarweb provides high-value insights for our clients, avoiding looking only at the impact of their own marketing efforts. Seeing how you outperform the market and/or competitors is a great driver for marketing & audience optimization and when it works, gives the company pride and stimuli to continue the course. Simply put: Similarweb’s data drives & evaluates our clients' overall strategy. Simply amazing

Jorn Moraal

Partner & Media Director, Brandwebbing

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