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Paid ads are everywhere, and it’s getting harder to be seen. Discover the ads that are actually driving traffic and fine-tune your own to attract more visitors than ever before

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A window into the competition’s creative ad strategy

Find search ads of competitors to see which perform best, and turn creative insights into action to drive more traffic to your website

Ad performance
The smartest ad spy tool

Track competitors’ ad performance

Deep dive into valuable data from your competitors' ads performance. See their ad position, estimated ad impressions and their traffic share from specific ads. Learn from these insights to make impactful changes to your own ad strategy and watch conversions soar.

Ad messaging
Deeper paid ad insight

Get inspired by the market-leading ads

Tap into a ready-made fountain of inspiration as you learn and adapt from your industry’s most effective ads. Generate fresh ideas, discover new approaches to crafting ad copy, and see which calls-to-action inspire the most action. All based on what is proven to work.

Keywords driving traffic to Ad
Paid keyword positions

Be super strategic with keywords

Gain insights into the specific keywords driving traffic to your competitors' ads, and leverage it to optimize your own keyword strategy. Understand what works for others in your market and unlock new opportunities to attract the most relevant traffic.

Content optimization
Landing page analysis

Discover which landing pages are converting

Take it a step further by uncovering the final destination URLs your competitors’ ads are driving to. Analyze the landing pages to decode their conversion strategies and discover fresh ways to engage and delight your target audience through the customer journey.

The ingredients that make our Search Ads feature so good

View Competitors rank data

Accurate search volume (MSV)

MSV is often over-inflated but Similarweb provides independent data marketers can rely on

Billions of keywords

Traffic Data

Over 1bn websites tracked, so you can see the traffic winner for each keyword

Data downloads

Location & device

Generate insights based from 133 countries - all available on mobile and desktop

Product click data

Position on SERP

See where your competitors are positioned on Google

Track SERP visibility

Filter by Keywords or URL

Easily discover competitor ads across similar products or topics you’re interested in

Track Search volumes and click data

Traffic Share

See the traffic split across all search ads, highlighting those that drive the most engagement

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"Having an unbiased, third-party tool helps us to find, qualify and establish ROI for partnerships and media campaigns. I wish I could spend all day on Similarweb."

Stephanie Cloud

Stephanie Cloud

Former Director of Online Sales & Partner Marketing


What types of Search ads do you show data for?

With Similarweb’s tool, search ads can be found across many industries, providing data on both branded and non-branded ads. Whether you're looking to understand more about a competitor's text-based search ads, shopping ads, or even display ads, our tool equips you with insights to improve your ad strategy.

How do you uncover competitor search ads?

Use search ads intelligence to leverage a massive, diverse pool of data sources, including direct measurement data from websites and behavioral data. This allows us to provide a comprehensive view of the ad strategies being used by your competitors.

How can I see competitor search ads in different time periods?

Our tool allows you to specify a timeframe for your analysis. Whether you're interested in recent changes or trends over time, you can select weekly, monthly, or even yearly views to gain a thorough understanding of your competitors' ad strategy over time.

Which countries can I select to see search ads from?

Similarweb's paid ads analytics tool is designed to provide you with a global perspective. You can generate insights from 133 countries across the globe. This comprehensive geographic coverage allows you to understand and benchmark against competition on a local, regional, or international scale.

Learn everything there is to know about your competitors’ ad strategy

Dive deep with Similarweb’s first-rate search ads analytics and cherry-pick the best ad strategies to boost your ad visibility and drive the most traffic

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