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Paid Landing Page Analyzer

Access real-time data and key insights from your competitors’ best paid landing pages, and learn what is actually driving traffic to their website

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Find the top-performing paid landing pages of any competitor

Analyze the competitions’ landing pages in your industry and dissect everything from their creative ad strategy to budget allocation

Paid traffic share data

Learn from the competition to capture more traffic

Find competitors’ landing pages that gain the highest share of traffic. Use these competitive insights to build super- strategic landing page templates that are proven to drive conversions

CPC & URL spend

Make shrewd, data-driven spend decisions

Dive into the estimated CPC spend that competitors allocate to their best landing pages. Pinpoint where they invest more budget for the biggest pay-offs and tweak your own budget to get more traffic and conversions for less

Paid keyword insight

Conduct next-level paid keyword research

Uncover the paid keywords that are already driving traffic to your competitors’ top landing pages. Cherry-pick the high-volume keywords with the best value CPC to transform their success into yours

Landing page analytics

Understand why the best ads drive traffic

Find the specific ads directing traffic to competitors and evaluate the reasons for their success: access their ad creatives, messaging and targeting strategies. Go on to refine and optimize your campaigns for instantly better results

Powerful filters

Unearth relevant pages with filters

Filter paid landing pages by URL or keyword to find competitors’ landing pages that offer similar products or services. Analyze and compare these pages to extract key performance metrics that you can use to benchmark success

The ingredients that make our Paid Landing Page feature so good

Location & device

Find where others are spending (with data from 133 countries) across different devices

Traffic share

See the traffic split across search ads to see which drive the most engagement

Click-stream data

Real-user, behavioral data showing interactions and preferences during online journeys

Product click data

Accurate search volume (MSV)

Forget over-inflated search volume, Similarweb has independent data marketers can rely on

Fresh CPC data

Every keyword has the most up-to-data cost-per-click and URL spend data

Billions of keywords

…and counting. Over 300 million fresh keywords are added every month

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“Similarweb did more then help us spot a trend. It gave us valuable insight into what our competitors were doing, who they were targeting, and with what messaging."

Francesco Santoro

Data Solutions Lead, IG Markets


How can Similarweb help me find my competitors' landing pages?

With Similarweb’s Paid Landing Pages feature you can find competitors’ landing pages that are driving traffic. Simply choose any site and we’ll show you a list of landing pages, along with metrics, such as traffic share, each page’s keywords, ad strategies and more.

How can I analyze my competitors’ landing pages with Similarweb?

You can analyze competitors’ landing pages by using Similarweb's Paid Landing Page tool to uncover valuable insights such as traffic share, budget allocation and paid keywords. You can filter these insights by URL or keyword to find the most relevant pages. This allows you to compare and benchmark against their success.

What kind of unique data insights can Similarweb provide on competitor landing pages?

Similarweb offers unique insights into your competitors' landing pages, including estimated CPC spend, paid keywords, and successful ad strategies. Additionally, we provide fresh, reliable CPC data and accurate search volumes for billions of keywords to support your ad strategies

Unleash the power of competitive ad insight with our landing page analysis tool

Harness real-time data on the landing pages that are driving the most traffic and conversions to stay ahead and transform your strategy for success

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