Global Economic Recovery: Heatmaps Report

Understand – at a glance – which sectors are recovering from the COVID-19 impact, in which countries, in near real-time.

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Similarweb’s heatmaps were featured in Business Insider, Bloomberg, and the Financial Times.

June 11 US Heatmap

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More Info

The COVID-19 Recovery: Global Economy Heatmaps Report is an easy-to-use visual tool to help quickly identify at scale which industries and companies are being most impacted by the current economic environment. The report tracks in near ‘real-time’ YoY weekly visitor trends.

On a macro level, it highlights directional trends – industries that are poised to benefit, and those that remain vulnerable, whilst on a micro level, this monitor can help isolate differentiation within an industry.

This report is intended to help analysts, traders, portfolio managers and chief investment officers with idea generation and risk management in the midst of an information vacuum.