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Your all-in-one API solution for any type of Similarweb data

Pull valuable data about millions of websites and mobile apps, billions of keywords, and thousands of companies and technologies all through a single API. Explore some of our most popular APIs:
Traffic and Engagement API

Analyze your competitors’ traffic

Get an overview of any company’s digital market share. Measure volume, reach, distribution, and engagement to understand the quality of their traffic.

Win the search marketing game

Access the freshest, most accurate keyword data to stay ahead of keyword trends and optimize your organic user growth.
App Analysis API

Gain a 360° view of the mobile app market

Access best-in-class mobile app insights for Android and iOS to fully understand your market.
Technographics API

Explore the tech stack of any website

Discover crucial insights into technologies from across millions of websites and the reach of these technologies worldwide.

Discover the digital footprint of any company

Gain complete visibility into how the companies you're targeting behave online.

Transform your business with the world’s best Digital Intelligence Data

Our powerful API solutions serve as a gateway to a wealth of digital insights, enabling you to extract valuable data for a deeper understanding of the digital world. Leverage our vast datasets to power data-driven decision-making throughout your entire organization.

Explore our API Documentation

Ready to take our API for a spin? Our documentation details the breadth and granularity of our data, as well as the capabilities at your disposal, complete with comprehensive integration guides.
Similarweb API Documentation
Coverage & Scale

Infinite data at your fingertips

Tap into our vast datasets, uncovering billions of data points across companies, stocks, domains, apps, keywords, and technologies. Gain unrivaled market insights to drive your strategic decisions.
Infinite data at your fingertips
Flexibility & Customization

Seamless integration and agile data delivery

Easily integrate our robust APIs into your systems and workflows. Our solutions offer the flexibility to cater to your specific needs, whether you require real-time insights or large-scale data pulls.
Seamless API Integration and agile data delivery
Real-time Notifications

Making faster decisions, at scale

Transform your digital intelligence strategy by zooming in on the most important data. With Similarweb’s API solutions, bypass the manual labor of navigating dashboards for efficient, focused analysis.
Data-Driven Decision Making with API


  • All of our packages support API.
    "Business" package or higher include access to the API at no additional cost and clients with the “Teams” package can buy API access as an add-on.
    Alternatively, you can purchase our API package that comes with. Simply generate your API key to get started.

  • Starting with the Similarweb API is straightforward. Our extensive documentation guides you through the integration process, covering both fundamental and advanced topics. This ensures an easy start for developers of any experience level.

  • The Similarweb API offers significant advantages, enabling:
    • Seamless productivity upgrades by integrating data sources
    • Discovery of insightful growth opportunities via in-depth website and app analysis
    • Efficient time savings with automated report generation
    • Ease of use with minimal coding knowledge needed

  • The Similarweb API is versatile, supporting a wide range of applications, including marketing campaign optimization, affiliate partnership identification, SEO, SEM and conversion funnel optimization, CRM data enrichment, global travel audience analysis, and real-time insights for making smarter investment decisions.
    You can rely on near real-time keyword data to power the metrics you use daily and make confident decisions on your marketing strategy.
    Our unique dataset enables us to deliver unique insights and metrics with accuracy you won’t find anywhere else.

  • Absolutely, the Similarweb API enables the automation of data integration into your internal tools, dashboards, and interfaces, streamlining efficient decision-making and facilitating true real-time analysis.

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