Introducing the All-New SimilarWeb Add-On

Our goal at SimilarWeb is to turn amazing data into amazing products, providing access to this data in every possible avenue. That’s why we’re very proud to announce the all-new SimilarWeb add-on (ChromeFirefox, and Opera), a ground-up rewrite and redesign with so many new features we’ve lost count.

SimilarWeb Add-On

The new SimilarWeb add-on brings the full breadth of directly to your browser toolbar. With a single click, you can get in-depth traffic and engagement statistics for any website. See how popular a site is, its main traffic sources, average time on site, industry ranking, top referring sites, paid keywords, related mobile apps, and much, much more.

SimilarWeb Add-On sits subtly in your browser toolbar, filling up with color according to the popularity of the site you’re currently on.

One-Click Access to 9 Website Metrics:

  • Engagement (Visits, Time on Site, Page Views, Bounce Rate)
  • Monthly Visits and Traffic Sources (Direct, Referrals, Search Keywords, Social Networks, Mail, Ads)
  • Site Rankings (Country, Industry, and Worldwide)
  • Top Countries
  • Top 10 Referring/Destination Sites
  • Top 10 Paid and Organic Search Keywords
  • Top Social Networks
  • Related App Store / Google Play Apps
  • Similar Sites

Download Now for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera

About the Author -

Tom Cohen is a Product Manager at SimilarWeb.

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