Quettra Joins SimilarWeb to Expand Mobile App Intelligence

Today, we are very proud to announce that Quettra and their visionary team has joined SimilarWeb.

Mountain View-based Quettra provides Mobile App Intelligence, delivering direct measurements for app developers to better understand their own users.

Quettra celebrates Similarweb acquisitionFounded by former head of Search and Discovery for Google Play, Ankit Jain, the integration of the company’s talent and technology will help us address some of the biggest challenges facing app developers.

With the rapid rise of mobile apps, the user experience has been the primary victim of churn. Despite the standout success of Google, Apple and Facebook, in many cases, desktop targeted solutions have been retrofitted onto mobile and apps. Developers face a persistent stumbling block as 77% of consumers stop using the average mobile app within the first three days following installation. Besides the obvious business ramifications for developers investing resources in dormant apps, the mobile user experience suffers as a direct result.

The Quettra team is passionate about redefining the mobile user experience by leveraging their experience from leading companies, like Google, eBay and Microsoft. Their groundbreaking technology has already helped developers build customer personas, inferring demographics coverings language, age, gender, personal interests, and favorite brands. Developers have seen massive improvement in retention and audience engagement while creating a more relevant and meaningful experience.

The synergy with the SimilarWeb mission is the game-changing opportunity Quettra can now offer the mobile app community. Not only will app makers track their own users at a much deeper level, they will also benchmark performance across industries.  Companies can use new and unprecedented insights, alongside the biggest and most diverse panel in the world –used by SimilarWeb to collect data —  to outsmart and out-strategize the competition.

On a more fundamental level, we hope our continuing investment in new technologies and acquisitions will give rise to apps that everyone loves. Our goal is to end the “cold welcome” new users receive, provide better notifications, and limit the amount of intrusive ads, which actually receive a poor Click Through Rate. Still, they have become a default solution given the lack of meaningful information app makers have about their audiences.

This is only the first step. In line with our cross-device strategy, our vision is to continue to democratize the deep insights which developers have at their disposal, effectively elevating their ability to personalize content at the level of the largest industry players.

Stay tuned for more disruptive developments as we continue to reveal more secrets driving online success.

You can read the full details of the acquisition.

In the meantime, we’d like to extend a warm welcome to our newest talent!

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VP Product at SimilarWeb and a dynamic entrepreneur in the high tech industry with a passion for products with great user experience.

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