SimilarWeb Passes Alexa in Website Rank

According to Alexa Rankings, in April of this year SimilarWeb passed by Alexa and today is almost 1,000 positions higher. As of this week Alexa claims the global rank of 2137, and at a global rank of 1,336.



Due to the black box nature of Alexa’s rankings we’re not sure how Alexa  ranked SimilarWeb above themselves.  Alexa’s trends show clearly that SimilarWeb is on the rise while Alexa is in free fall but in all fairness, we should say that according to our stats, we have yet to pass Alexa in traffic volume.

Let’s review the stats

Stats by has a policy of showing its own real traffic stats openly. The site current stats shows 5,934,653 monthly unique visitors and 23,384,829 monthly page views:

alexa-on-alexa doesn’t offer traffic stats on their free platform (unlike SimilarWeb), but its assessment of our page views is a bit higher than what we know we have:


Stats by

At we see that had 11,500,000 visitors in June with 3.17 average page views. Note that the main difference is due to the fact we’re showing visitors, while Alexa shows unique visits. However, based on internal statistics we regularly ran on sites across the web, including our own, 11.5 visits reflects to between 6-7 unique visits.

To better compare apples to apples let’s look at how we rank ourselves and Alexa:


We rank at 3,057. This is based on visits and page views. The reason we consider page views an important factor of a website ranking, is that it helps us clean out malware and spam sites which generate automatic visits by the millions.

According to our stats,’s current global rank is 31,188, with 1.2 million monthly visits and an average of 3.22 page views in June. As you can see, though our engagement metrics are slightly better than’s, they still pass us by quite a lot in traffic volume, which is why we rank them much higher than us.

Based on published stats from 2007, Alexa is basing its website ranks on a user panel with 2.5 million users. As of this moment, our panel is 20 times bigger and covers more countries. This, together with our unique team of data experts, is why we consider our data more reliable and trustworthy than Alexa. As you can see from the stats above, are making it that much easier to prove that.

We encourage all of our readers to take the Alexa test and compare Alexa’s and SimilarWeb to their own site analytics, and share the results with us at


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Natalie Halimi is the Head of Marketing Communications & Education at SimilarWeb. With over 10 years of experience in marketing, Natalie has promoted services and products in the B2C and B2B arenas, in various industries.

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