Social Media App Usage Down Across the Globe

Across the board, people are spending less time on their Social Media apps. In a study conducted using SimilarWeb data on Android apps, we compared app data from Q1 2015 to Q1 2016, and found that in almost all countries, time spent on the 4 leading Social Media apps is down. On Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter, Android users seem to be cutting down on their Social Media app usage time.

In very few cases, such as Facebook’s usage in Spain did time spent within an app rise. In some cases, the drop was minimal, with Snapchat usage in Brazil dropping from 11.23 minutes to 11.10 minutes. However, in other cases, the drop was more substantial, such as time spent on Twitter in France. Over Q1 2015, the average in France was 19.80 minutes and in Q1 2016, that number dropped to 13.12, a drop of 34%.

Aside from time spent on Social Media apps, Current Installs were also mostly down when comparing March 2015 to March 2016. On all 4 social apps in the 9 countries examined, installs were down an average of 9%. This drop in installs was most prominent with Snapchat users in South Africa, where installs dropped 56% from March to March.

The highest increase on installs was also for Snapchat, this time in Brazil. Installs on snapchat rose 22% from March to March. Snapchat installs also increased in Germany, Spain, and India, with India showing a growth of 18%.

Instagram also saw a rise in installs in several countries including France, Germany, and the US. Instagram’s biggest loss, however, came in India where the app dropped from being installed on 32% of Android devices to 19%.

While these Social Media apps showed a drop in installs, some messaging apps have shown an increase in Android installs. In the US, for example, Facebook’s Messenger app rose 2% March to March, while WhatsApp rose from being installed on 15% of Android devices in March 2015 to 20% in March 2016.

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Pavel Tuchinsky is a marketing analyst and blog editor at SimilarWeb. He came from the world of International Economics, passionate fan of e-commerce and technology.

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