Amazon Computer Peripherals Report

Discover the performance of Amazon computer and gaming products

Uncover the performance of Amazon computer peripherals, a $6.2 billion business for the eCommerce giant  

Highlights include: 

  • Computer accessories and peripherals average 3.5 times more revenue than gaming products
  • Leading brands include Logitech, SanDisk, and Anker.
  • With the rise of work from home, webcams are top revenue drivers, surpassing keywords and computer mice.
  • On-site search is a growing channel for computer peripherals. With 229% year-over-year (YoY) growth, clicks grew at a faster rate than across Amazon’s entire site (+123% YoY).
  • Gaming hit an all-time high during COVID-19, boosting Amazon’s gaming peripheral business, which grew 77% YoY in Q4 vs. 20% YoY for non-gaming products.
  • Razer leads gaming peripherals, a category where shoppers typically prefer name-brand products and make one-time purchases as products do not need to be regularly replaced.

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Caroline Kim
Lead Retail and eCommerce Consultant

Caroline Kim is the Lead Retail and eCommerce Industry Consultant at Similarweb who specializes in market research and consumer insights for electronics, apparel, and more. Her prior experience at Walmart eCommerce fuels her passion for studying trends in the space. Caroline’s expert analysis and commentary have been featured in leading publications such as Forbes and Business Insider.