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Report: Amazon Food & Beverage Gift Opportunities

A deep-dive into one of the main product categories on Amazon during the holiday season.

As the retail world gears up for the all-important Christmas season, and with it, the hope of capturing last-minute shoppers intensifies, we take an in-depth look at the traffic and growth numbers that matter the most to Amazon sellers and its competitors.

This insights report includes our website performance metrics such as category page views, conversion rates, most popular products, as well as an exclusive list of the most trending keywords.

Here’s a rundown of the trends and highlights:

  • The conversion rate (CVR) for Amazon’s Food & Beverage category in December 2019 (11%) was nearly double the site’s overall CVR for the same month (6%) 
  • Oh! Nuts leads the scoreboard with the most brand views (683K) and conversions (122K). Godiva (265K views; 40K conversions) is the only name brand in the CPG holiday space
  • On-site search reflects the importance of seasonality, with gift keywords making up two-thirds of December 2019 searches


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Alisha Kapur
Lead Travel & Beauty Industry Consultant Similarweb

Alisha Kapur is an Industry Consultant at Similarweb focused on travel and select categories in retail and CPG. She works with clients on a global level to build efficient marketing plans, explore partnership opportunities, and optimize all steps of the consumer journey.