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How Banks Grow Traffic Through Financial Literacy

Informative material is driving banks' digital growth.

In his latest report, our financial services expert examines how financial services companies release educational content to boost consumers’ financial literacy. This tactic helps banks drive key traffic to their website.

Here’s a sneak peek of the report: 

  • Bank of America is best-in-class at creating and promoting educational content. Among top banks in the U.S., it receives 45% market share
  • Consumers go to banks to answer questions about budgeting, saving money, mortgages, and taxes.
  • Among leading affiliates, Nerdwallet and The Balance, top organic pages include financial calculators and tax articles.
  • Using Similarweb tools, banks can monitor educational content released by competitors and affiliates for new content ideas and better digital user experiences. 

Download the report for more in-depth insights.

About the Author

Jamie Drayton
Lead Financial Services Industry Consultant Similarweb

Jamie Drayton is Lead eCommerce and Financial Services Consultant at Similarweb. He has a background in eCommerce consulting services for business development and growth. His clients include industry experts across top players in eCommerce marketplaces, CPGs, affiliates, banks, and insurance providers.