We are pleased to release our new whitepaper, Similarweb Investors Solution for eCommerce Market Evaluation, detailing our complete framework for investors to source and select potentially investable companies.

The Similarweb Investors Solution empowers investors to make better decisions about how they select potential companies for investment and how they qualify those companies once they have been selected. In this new report, Similarweb Investors Solution for eCommerce Market Evaluation, we look at two companies that have recently completed funding rounds to reverse engineer the decision-making processes that led up to these investments. Both StockX and PetPlate are companies that achieved a clear trajectory ahead of their funding and reviewing their digital profiles over the past 18 months offers insights for future investment opportunities.

In this whitepaper you will find a detailed investors checklist tracking:

  • Monthly traffic over time
  • On-site engagement metrics
  • Traffic by source
  • Purchase intent indicators


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