Life and Disability Insurance Report

Discover why insurance traffic is growing three times the rate of finserv.

Over the past year, consumers getting more digital has dramatically impacted the life and disability insurance space. Here’s some quick facts and figures:

  • Traffic to the top 10 life insurance sites increased 27.7%.
  • Traffic to disability sites jumped 29.1%.
  • New York Life and State Farm capture one in three trending non-branded search terms
  • Government sites and affiliates like Policygenius are capturing the most traffic for disability-related insurance.

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Check out the full report from our finserv industry expert.

Jamie Drayton
Lead Financial Services Industry Consultant Similarweb

Jamie Drayton is Lead eCommerce and Financial Services Consultant at SimilarWeb. He has a background in eCommerce consulting services for business development and growth. His clients include industry experts across top players in eCommerce marketplaces, CPGs, affiliates, banks, and insurance providers.