Inside Logistics Report - June 2020

The eCommerce sector has been consistently growing over the last few years, with businesses continuing to invest more in their online presence. This growth has been accelerated by the COVID-19 crisis, with non-essential physical stores being forced to temporarily close. In turn, this is presenting new partnership opportunities for logistics companies to support eCommerce businesses and ensure they are able to fulfill this increased demand.

To give a sense of the growth in eCommerce and logistics industries – amongst US consumers, 41% receive one to two packages from Amazon per week. That number jumps to 50% for consumers ages 18-25, and 57% for consumers ages 26-35. (Walker Sands)

In this paper we will explore:

  • The rises in the eCommerce market globally
  • Which logistics companies are dominating the current landscape
  • The effects eCommerce sites will see on their onsite conversion by offering multiple delivery solutions on their websites

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