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Implications of COVID-19 on the U.S. Real Estate Sector

A look at how top real estate listings sites are faring the pandemic.

The pandemic continues to reshape the $33.6 trillion national housing market, with millions of Americans stuck at home, mortgage rates at record lows, and looming uncertainty about the future of real estate ownership and investing.

Yet, the new reality has also opened up new avenues for growth for top online property listing platforms, particularly Zillow and Realtor.

Our mini-report highlights 5-10 real estate listing sites’ marketing growth strategies, offering valuable bite-size data and insights on key trends affecting the market today.

It offers a deep dive into the top real estate listing sites, including their:

  • Monthly visits and market share
  • Organic vs. paid acquisition
  • Traffic to “Buy” and “Sell” pages
  • Year-over-year (YoY) changes in the most populous U.S. states

The analysis in this mini-report can be used by researchers and data analytics professionals as a guiding framework for measuring real estate market size and consumer demand.

About the Author

Ariane Turley
Lead Publishers & Media Industry Consultant Similarweb

Ariane is the Lead Publishers & Media Industry Consultant at Similarweb. Before joining Similarweb, Ariane led a team of advisors at Gartner L2 to translate data and analysis into actionable digital insights for clients across the CPG, beauty, and luxury industries.