As we come to the end of a fabulous 2018 we look back over some of the best stories of the past 12 months for our latest white paper, Winning Your Market in 2019: Market Intelligence for Every Use Case. The white paper offers actionable insights whether you’re a marketer trying to learn from your competition’s tactics, a salesperson trying to land a whale, a market analyst looking for your next expansion, or a Wall Street dealmaker looking for the next big investment opportunity.

Similarweb’s Solutions serve a wide range of functions across many industries. Winning Your Market in 2019: Market Intelligence for Every Use Case covers examples from each of the following solutions:


Kiwi.com, formerly skypicker.com, is a Czech online travel agency that company depends on referral traffic from metasearch engines.

Looking at the range of affiliates in the UK sending traffic to kiwi.com over the past 21 months reveals much about the site’s referral strategy.


Similarweb’s Sales Solution offers a consultative approach to pitching which helps companies like Google Display Network which see a direct correlation between the web activity of their competition and the budget allocation of their prospects. When Google Display Network wants to generate a list of quality leads with a budget for display ads, they can look at the top recipients of outgoing traffic from a competitor site to identify new prospects.


For now, amazon.fr does not appear to be cannibalizing traffic from nespresso.com in the French market. Nevertheless, it is important for Nespresso to understand the coffee-related search terms that are driving traffic to Amazon and learn more about how those terms convert there to understand best how to partner and compete with the retail giant. Amazon.fr coffee search terms conversions


PetPlate, a direct-to-consumer, dog food subscription service is starting to attract the interest of digital-savvy investors. Similarweb’s Investors Solution helps investors make better decisions about up-and-coming companies by measuring their success against the incumbents in the same space.

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