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Similarweb and bring together Online and Offline Intelligence to analyze the full impact of the Coronavirus on key retail sectors. From Grocery to Restaurants and Mass Merchandise, this webinar will dive into both data sources to reveal the companies and sectors thriving and strategies being applied.

What we'll discuss:

  • Offline analysis of foot traffic to retailers, wholesalers, sports retailers and QSRs
  • Online analysis of internet traffic for retailers, wholesalers, sports retailers and QSRs
  • Which retailers are offsetting the effect of a lockdown with their digital strategy
  • Which retailers are likely to come out of COVID-19 stronger / weaker

About the Presenters

Ethan Chernofsky
Ethan Chernofsky
VP Marketing

Ethan is the VP Marketing for, and has helped build out the company’s marketing department. Prior to Placer, Ethan was the Director of Corporate Marketing at Similarweb and the Vice President of Headline Media.

Ed Lavery
Ed Lavery
Director of Investor Solution Similarweb

Ed heads Similarweb's Global Investor Solutions business. Ed joined Similarweb three years ago and has been spearheading the solution to help investors integrate Digital Alternative Data into their investment research. He has also worked with many of the world's leading brands, shaping their digital strategies through market intelligence data.

About the Companies is the world’s most advanced foot traffic analytics platform allowing anyone with a stake in the physical world to instantly generate insights into any property for a deeper understanding of the factors that drive success. is the first platform that fully empowers professionals in retail, commercial real estate, hospitality, economic development and more to truly understand and maximize their offline activities.

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