The Business of Survival: A Guide to COVID-19 for Financial Services

Learn how your company can thrive and win market share despite pandemic disruption.

With over a billion people stuck at home during coronavirus lockdowns, the financial services market is experiencing a boom in online traffic. Opening a bank account, obtaining credit, getting a mortgage or credit card can all be done remotely – either by a personal computer or a mobile phone.

A world hit by economic uncertainty necessitates that financial services providers have an ability to innovate and continuously adapt to changes.

We have prepared this guide to help financial management at companies of all sizes to navigate the coronavirus crisis and uncover opportunities for digital growth.

The guide is written for professionals at banks, credit card companies, and other financial firms wishing to:

  • Adapt to an increasingly digital world and defend against new players
  • Optimize their marketing mix and allocation of expenses
  • Improve customers’ digital experience and push users to sticky platforms
  • Create content that delivers long-term value to audiences and your business


Download the guide now to see how Similarweb’s market intelligence for the consumer finance industry can help you overcome these difficult times and achieve business success.