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The Digital Divide: Left- vs. Right-leaning Media Sites

A look at the growing fraction between both sides of the political spectrum in the U.S. news and media industry

As we enter the final stretch of the election, consumers’ media consumption momentum continues to grow stronger. But there is also a direct and consequential divide between the competing political parties, with left-leaning, centric, and right-leaning news sites seeing a stark difference in readership patterns and content preferences.

Our latest report – released just before the Big Day – uses Similarweb’s Research Intelligence to analyze digital publications’ key trends across the political spectrum. The report carefully examines twenty leading right-leaning, centrist, and left-leaning news sites (such as The New York Times, CNN, Fox News, The Daily Wire, and Breitbart News), with the aim of understanding the differences between their traffic patterns and marketing strategies. It also examines the variations between each site’s readership, not just in terms of demographic data but also in audience interest metrics.

Download the report today to get the latest data and actionable insights about the 2020 U.S. presidential election. Here is a peek at what you’ll find inside:

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Ariane Turley
Lead Publishers & Media Industry Consultant Similarweb

Ariane is the Lead Publishers & Media Industry Consultant at Similarweb. Before joining Similarweb, Ariane led a team of advisors at Gartner L2 to translate data and analysis into actionable digital insights for clients across the CPG, beauty, and luxury industries.