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Vitamins and Supplements Deep Dive: Magnesium and Zinc

Deep dive into consumer behaviors and what’s driving sales in the vitamin and supplement space in the full report. Here’s a preview: 

At the onset of COVID-19, Zinc’s popularity on soared. In February 2020, traffic to the category on Amazon jumped more than six times than the prior month. Why? Zinc’s association with stronger immunity was a big driver. Demand for Zinc tends to be seasonal, during the cold and flu season demand historically rises.

Interest in Magnesium, used by many as a daily supplement, is less seasonal. However, usage has been rising over the past 18 months.

Our industry expert pulled these insights with our new Shopper Intelligence. You can utilize this type of data to gain from consumer behavior trends as they shift in real time. Download the full report for more insights on Zinc and Magnesium sales and consumer behaviors on Amazon including:

Ariane Turley
Lead Industry Consultant, CPG Similarweb

Ariane Turley is Lead Beauty & Personal Care Consultant at SimilarWeb. Prior to joining SimilarWeb, Ariane led a team of advisors at Gartner L2 to translate data and analysis into actionable digital insights for clients across CPG, beauty, and the luxury industry.