The Challenge: Uncovering new publishers and partners in a simple and highly targeted way

Admitad Affiliates had recently utilized the Similarweb extension to gauge the volume of traffic going to their existing partners. In any case, the pressing problem for them had become how to discover new partners and distributors in the event that they were not on their radar. At the time they would scan Google for keywords like ‘top 10 online shops in France‘ which was profoundly tedious and frequently unproductive.

But finding new partners was only half of the challenge. It was also important for companies to have the ability to be highly targeted in their search to ensure they would find partners that would be the right fit for their network. Again the issue they had with Google was that they would generate results based largely on how strong a site’s SEO was.

Success: A more efficient sales operation that spends less time sorting and more time selling!

Using Similarweb’s key digital metrics such as monthly visits, website category, and country, Admitad has been able to effectively and efficiently find and qualify new partners for their network. This has ensured sales reps are working on the right leads at the right time and in turn has enabled them to spend less time searching for leads and more time selling. 

Admitad has also been utilizing Similarweb data to understand the marketing spend of their prospects and demonstrate how Admitad can help better optimize their current strategy.

To date, Similarweb has helped Admitad uncover 15,000 new potential partners and publishers, of which they have successfully brought 500 onto their network.  

"Over the years, Similarweb has become our secret weapon! The platform has not only helped us to uncover over 15,000 new potential partners to date but has also enabled us to get a much deeper understanding of how our prospects are currently operating."

Igor Gubin

Regional Manager - Europe, Admitad Affiliates