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About Modo25

Modo25, a UK-based start-up founded in 2019, is an in-housing and marketing technology provider that works with clients to build, train and support inhouse teams in digital marketing, using channels including PPC, social media and SEO. Modo25 enables clients to take full control of their own marketing success.

Challenge - Stand Out in the Competitive Agency Space

Modo25 uses Similarweb in every pitch and is part of the team’s weekly workflow. It’s an essential tool to manage their clients’ marketing strategies, providing unrivaled insights into consumer digital behavior. The team uses Similarweb to demonstrate gaps in a clients’ marketing strategies compared to those of their competitors, and to identify new business opportunities. 

Thanks to the granularity and depth provided by Similarweb data, the Modo25 team empowers clients to surface and capitalize on advertising channels with less competition and more white space.

Success - New Business

Similarweb has very quickly become Modo25’s key marketing intelligence tool to monitor, track, and optimize clients’ marketing strategies, and has closed 9 deals using Similarweb data. The team has found that Similarweb adds a “wow” factor to their pitches, and can see the impact the insights have on clients as the light bulb goes off in their head.


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We started using Similarweb in mid-2019. It quickly became our key marketing intelligence tool and has greatly impacted our top-line.

Similarweb’s platform allows us to present prospects and clients with game-changing insights into their markets. We’ve closed 9 new deals with the data and use it to continually add value to customers such as Sigma, one of the UK’s fastest-growing sports brands.

Tom Pickard

Performance Marketing Manager, Modo25