About Travel NZ

Tourism New Zealand is the organization responsible for marketing New Zealand to the world. Following the global COVID-19 outbreak, they were asked to shift their focus to support domestic tourism.

Challenge: Border closures severely impacted the tourism sector

New Zealand’s borders were closed from March 2020 to all international visitors. This had a considerable impact on New Zealand’s tourism sector.  In April 2020 Tourism New Zealand was asked to help kickstart domestic tourism to help the sector get back on its feet and help restart New Zealand’s economy.  

This work would require research and insights, consumer marketing campaigns, industry engagement and other activity to ensure the domestic tourism industry was well-positioned for recovery. 


Using Similarweb alongside other tools and platforms, Tourism NZ identified content gaps targeting keywords such as ‘things to do in…’ and family- and pet-friendly holidays, as well as developing regional-specific content and deals. They leveraged these insights to feed into their ‘do something new New Zealand’ marketing campaign and build a refreshed edition of newzealand.com. This strategy enabled Tourism NZ to target domestic travelers while adopting a test and learn approach that Similarweb’s real-time reporting enabled.

Similarweb insights helped us to rapidly shift our focus to domestic travelers and support local tourism operators. The platform made it very easy to tailor our messaging, identify content gaps and uncover partnership opportunities.

Sarah Britton

Global Manager Digital Analytics, Tourism New Zealand

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