Trending US Apps- March 2016

Spring has finally arrived, and so has SimilarWeb’s list of the hottest US apps for March. These rankings are calculated based on our unique Usage Rank which factors in ‘Current Installs‘ and ‘Active Users‘ and it allows us to discover the top apps trending upwards and downwards when compared to February. To look back at the hottest US Android apps of February 2016, find the complete ranking here.

No event had a greater impact on March’s trending apps more than the NCAA March Madness basketball tournament. Two apps directly connected to the tournament saw huge gains in Usage Rank with NCAA March Madness Live jumping from 33,024th overall to 191st and ESPN Tournament Challenge rising from 152,636 to 220th. Among the top 10 trending apps, one other app benefited from the increased basketball madness, a gaming app, Basketball Stars. Basketball Stars rose to 209th overall base on Usage Rank, and even more impressively the app rose to 3rd when filtering for Games apps. With the NCAA tournament wrapping up in early April we expect both March Madness apps to severely decrease in usage, but it remains to be seen if Basketball Stars can maintain its popularity.

Overall, the most trending app of March comes from the makers of the uber popular Clash of Clans, Clash Royale rose to 22nd overall after ranking 534th in February. The app is already extremely popular in the US, where it is installed on 2.8% of all Android devices, and ranks 1st overall in the Games category. Rounding out the rest of the list are 2 services apps: Motorola Modality Services and AppLock Pro – Privacy & Vault, an emoji app: TouchPal – Cute Emoji Keyboard, and 3 more game apps: Dragon LandThumb Drift – Furious Racing, and WordBrain Themes.


Turning now to apps that have been trending down, the list is topped by WeChat a communication app, which dropped from 38th to 110th, and fell outside the top 100 apps. Also falling outside the top 100 is Google Opinion Rewards which dropped from 98 to 137th overall. KENDALL & KYLIE an app developed by Glu Mobile for the Kardashian sisters saw a huge downward trend in March and after ranking 190th in February, the app dropped to 422nd overall. The app allows users to snap a selfie and then customize the picture with facial expressions, makeup, hairstyles, and accessories with the ultimate goal of growing the user’s following and fame online. Also trending downwards were 2 tax apps IRS2Go and TurboTax Tax Return App, apps that users no longer need, with tax day falling on April 18th this year.


In addition to the top trending apps, each month we feature a different app category, and for March we have chosen to explore trending Shopping apps. Overall, the top shopping app in the US is the now-defunct Amazon app, which Amazon killed in favor of its leaner Amazon Shopping app. However, when looking at the most trending shopping app, that title belongs to Dealeez an app that helps you find deals, coupons, and free stuff. The app shot up 361 spots in Usage Rank and as of April 2nd, the app ranked 737th in the shopping category in the US. Dealeez is published by Ions Media, whose other app Daily Unlimited also saw huge gains in March and ranks second on the top trending apps.

On the list of apps trending down in March, no app saw a bigger dip in the rankings than Online Shopping Dubai- UAE which dropped 276 places. The highest rated app on the trending down list, Shopping List Lite now ranks 779, dropping 71 spots since February. The app allows users to create a shopping list using voice memos and is actually far more popular in Germany where it ranks 374th on shopping Usage Rank.

shopping upshopping down

Lastly, one app that was released in March and simply cannot be ignored is Miitomo, the first ever mobile app created by video game giant Nintendo. Miitomi was released in Japan on March 16th, and then had its worldwide release on March 31st. Japanese app users have taken to the app almost immediately, and as of April 2nd, 3% of all Japanese Android devices had Miitomo installed on them. Since its release, these users have been spending an average of over 22 minutes a day on the app, and have made it the 13th most popular social app in Japan. Furthermore, our recent Uninstalls Report showed that many apps lose their users within the first 3 to 7 days, which does not seem to be the case with Miitomo, as the app is showing an above average retention rate early on.


Outside of Japan, some countries quickly jumped on the Miitomo train and many international users began downloading the app almost instantly after its late March release. In France, the app is already installed on over 1% of all French Androids and as of April 2nd, the app ranked 398th overall on Usage Rank in France. After France, German app users were also eager to download the Nintendo app, and only 2 days after release, 0.8% of Android devices in Germany had Miitomo installed on them. The UK, USA, and Australia are other countries who quickly began testing out Miitomo, but not nearly in as large numbers as those in France and Germany.

Opposite these these early adopters are Russia and Brazil, 2 countries who have been slower to download the app and join the Miitomo craze. As of early April, only 0.2% of Android phones in Russia had the app installed on them, while in Brazil, that number drops to 0.02%. If Nintendo wants to grow their app at an international level, they should focus on those 2 countries as potential areas of growth.

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