The health industry is vast, with new players entering the game and challenging age-old industry giants.

This report reviews different verticals in the health industry and uncovers the marketing strategies behind industry leaders and disruptors in patient education, branded drug websites and healthcare social networks.

Digital health marketers will come away with actionable insights about what consumers are searching for online, where providers go on the web, and the winning strategies behind branded drug websites.129_Online Health Industry Report_Image1What you will find:

  • Traffic changes from Q1 2015 vs. Q1 2016 for health industry leaders like WebMD.com, Drugs.com, MayoClinic.org and Healthline.com
  • What keywords are driving traffic to patient education websites
  • Outgoing ad traffic for branded drug websites Cialis.com & Viagra.com
  • Digital strategies that drive user engagement for healthcare social networks
  • Where healthcare providers are going online