Peacock’s Paywall Insights: Subscription Spikes for Live Sports

Hit a home run for growth with the right paywall strategy

The streaming services market is expected to soar to nearly $20 billion in revenue by next year alone. 

And while consumers are favoring streaming services, some broadcast and cable networks found a way to gain from this fast-growing trend. Are you keeping up?

The Peacock Paywall insights report reveals two of the largest subscriber drivers for NBC’s streaming service, the first launched by a broadcast network, and shares tactics for your network to compete in the current landscape.

Download the report to find out how. 

Expect insights on Peacocks’ performance, including:

  • New subscription and cancellation trends between the Summer and Winter Olympics
  • Changes to subscriptions around the Super Bowl 
  • Audience interest shifts from the 2021 – 2022 games 
  • Comparison of Peacock to the rest of the streaming market

Get the full report to perfect your customer acquisition strategy!

Amelia Leib
Publisher and Media Industry Lead Similarweb

Amelia Leib is the Publishing & Media Industry Lead at Similarweb. Previously a Media Strategist at Conde Nast and a Media Buyer for LVMH, Amelia helps brands develop strategies to engage new audiences, grow ad sales, and maximize consumer conversions.