2022 Software Companies Benchmarking Playbook

Worldwide monthly visits to the software industry in Q2 2022 decreased by over 1.06 billion compared to the previous year. However, 41% of companies saw an increase in website traffic in June 2022. They also enjoyed an increase in visit duration and page visits, indicating a more engaged and focused audience.

So how can you find insights to stand out and win that high-quality traffic?

Benchmarking your company against your industry and competitors is an essential process that allows you to spot industry trends and find growth opportunities.

This playbook will give you insider tips and tricks to create the ideal strategy for your market and prospects.

Inside, you’ll find the 2022 software benchmarks for:  

  • The top 95 software companies on the Nasdaq 
  • Key engagement metrics for the global, USA, and UK markets 
  • Ten fastest-growing software websites and markets worldwide
  • Paid search and display ads traffic 

Here’s a snapshot of what you’ll find inside: